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Chicken kisses prevent malaria - Health-Teachers

Chicken kisses prevent malaria - Health-Teachers

Ethiopian scientists have revealed that mosquitoes run away from the smell of chicken. This raises the possibility that we may be able to get rid of diseases like malaria, which kill millions of people every year.

Mosquitoes bite humans and animals, but the kisses of chickens run away. Professor Tiki of the University of Addis Ababa, who is an entomologist and is currently researching mosquitoes and chickens, said.

According to Professor Tiki, the smell of chickens that repels mosquitoes is caused by a chemical reaction that occurs in chickens. There are many compounds found in chickens, the chemical reaction of which is unpleasant for mosquitoes.

In this regard, different types of assessments were conducted in three villages in eastern Ethiopia, from which it was found that households where people keep chicken cages in their rooms are free of mosquitoes, but households where people keep chicken cages in their rooms. Do not keep in the rooms, mosquitoes come and bite there.

Instead of advising villagers to put chicken cages in their rooms before going to bed at night, scientists extracted chemicals from the chickens' bodies, turned them into a liquid and sprayed them in the corners of the rooms. Diya, the smell of which drove away the mosquitoes, but this smell proved to be very unpleasant for humans as well.

This experiment has recently been published in a malaria journal.
Scientists in Sweden are also working on them, they may be able to create something that does not smell offensive to humans, but is unbearable to mosquitoes.

Addis Ababa University Professor Tiki said that we are preparing a solution from the compounds found in chickens, which will not harm humans. It will not contain any such toxic substance and can be used to control malaria. Ethiopia has a population of 10 million people and 60% of them live with malaria.

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