Cigarettes are an intravenous poison - Health-Teachers

Cigarettes are an intravenous poison - Health-Teachers

How ignorant are we people, we have already stepped on this path which is the end of life, and at the same time, we make our relations suffer in this agony that ultimately their end is the same?

The unpleasant conversation in the room started with a cough and before the conversation could be finished, then the coughing attack... And smoking is a profession that makes people around you suffer from deadly diseases.

But when do we think?
50 lakh annually worldwide. In Pakistan, 100,000 people die every year due to smoking, with 90% of men and 80% of women are due from cancer. 60% of people between the ages of 15 and 30 years, mostly women are educated university and college graduates, who smoke because of hobbies and friends.

The trend of smoking is increasing every year in our dear country Pakistan, and the young generation is especially affected by it. The main reason for this is the oppression of conditions, unawareness of the harms of its use, and the frustration, and depression caused by rising unemployment, and ever-increasing inflation. Then the use of these temporary scaffolds to get relief from mental problems is increasing.

Let's take a look at the origins and effects.
John Nicore, the French ambassador to Portugal, came to know about it in 1560. They used tobacco leaves to treat migraine. At that time, it was used in water by ghulkarmana. In the 17th century, this carriage was first used with a pipe.

The tobacco plant is dried and fermented. Then it is cut into the desired shape for making a cigarette or a pipe, and then perfume is added to it. Hashish and opium are mixed in many countries. Nicotine! It is the most important ingredient used in cigarettes.

Cigarettes are an intravenous poison - Health-Teachers

Cigarettes contain 10 toxins. Here is a list of them. 2.1% of carbon monoxide in smoke is absorbed into the red blood cells and causes respiratory arrest and death.

3 Carcinogens are one of the 16 cancer-causing chemicals whose smoke has been shown to cause cancer. 4 steaming aromatic acids and 5 cyanide! It is also a deadly poison. 6 Arsenic! Which happens in cigarette smoke. 7 Ammonia! Unhealthy causes suffocation causes chronic lung pain. 8 Koltar! It is also poison. Ingestion in a chlorogenic liquid form paralyzes the small vessels leading to the seals.

9 Junk and alcohol! These are also deadly poisons. These are all the poisons that are absorbed into the smoker's body that dry up his or her vibrant life. It causes fear, horror, weakness, mental confusion, conflict, and confusion. They yearn for life even after being alive. Recent research has also revealed the harms of smoking that were not known before.

They can cause not only lung cancer but also blindness, diabetes, liver, and colon cancer as non-smokers suffer. Breathing in its fumes increases the risk of a heart attack. Smoking immediately after fasting during Ramadan increases the risk of heart disease, physical tremors, and tremors in the hands and feet. It is very important to be aware of this.

World No Tobacco Day is celebrated on May 31 every year. The decision to celebrate this day is to avoid and discourage the use of tobacco.
Glass! The modern type of smoking is popularly known as Joshisha smoking. Nowadays, the trend of glasses is increasing among the youth. Over the past few years, the prevalence of shisha has been on the rise worldwide as shisha is considered less harmful to health than cigarettes, while medical experts deny that it is in any way less dangerous than cigarettes.

There is 36% more tar, 1-7% nicotine, and 8-3% carbon monoxide than cigarettes. Many cancers and T. A deadly disease like B is the cause of an average of 20 deaths from cigarettes while 200 deaths from glass. Coca-Cola in a glass containing poisonous cocaine. It enters the body through breathing and damages the respiratory system.

Young boys and girls are seen smoking in hotels, cafes, entertainment places, colleges, and universities, but no action is taken against them and no operation is done.

Gunga To satisfy this addiction, palm pulp and tamarind pulp were used as a substitute for achalasia, while spinach leaves and soda leaves, and guava leaves were used and it was called gutta. There is a reason.

Snuff is used not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Snuff was invented by a monk named Pane Roman. Snuff users include Napoleon Bonaparte, King George, Queen Charlotte, and many monarchs. With the arrival of foreign companies in India, the subcontinent became common in Pakistan.

Cigarettes are an intravenous poison - Health-Teachers
Green snuff and black snuff are common among the existing types of snuff. Jotumbaco is made from coal ash and lime. Black snuff comes from a special tobacconist on which the government levies a tax.

Taking note of the increasingly harmful effects of smoking Gutka snuff and paan in the country, the Supreme Court has asked for a report on the actions taken against the provincial IJs, but the truth is that their delivery and distribution are not being controlled by the law-enforcement bodies and agencies. are unsuccessful.
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