Cleaning the toothbrush - Health-Teachers

Cleaning the toothbrush

Cleaning the toothbrush - Health-Teachers

The toothbrush should be of medium size, neither too hard nor too soft. With the toothbrush, the food particles are removed from the outer surface of the teeth (Bacterial Plaque) do not freeze, and the gummy substance is removed. And the bacteria have a chance to grow. No. Using toothpaste with a toothbrush is also common these days. Toothpaste is not a medicine, but a tool for cleaning the teeth, which is described as having three types of ingredients:

1. Soup substance

2. Flavoring substance

3. Disinfectants

It is best to change the toothpaste every month so that the cells of the tongue, which are sensitive to taste and produce more saliva, do not get used to the taste. Toothpaste that is foaming and contains fluoride salts are good.

Electric toothbrushes

Cleaning the toothbrush - Health-Teachers

Nowadays, in the world of science, electric toothbrushes have also been invented for cleaning the mouth. And they also help in cleaning the teeth. It is like a shaving machine. Switch on and the brush works. Started.

How to brush the mouth

Brush down from the upper jaw. Move from the bottom up to the lower jaw. The inside and outside should be brushed in the same way. It should be remembered that the toothbrush is not the final cleaning tool. Rather, it is necessary to use a tooth pack and dental floss after brushing. 

Because food particles can get into the spaces between teeth. The main cause of the disease is food particles. And the purpose of brushing is to remove the particles, the child's toothbrush should be small and they should get used to brushing their teeth from childhood.

Some type of toothpaste is needed along with the brush. Rubbing an empty brush does not clean the teeth well. Toothpaste is available in the market today in different names and in different packaging.

In the use of Ranjan, most people run the finger of the right hand on the teeth instead of a brush. Manjan should always be used well. Here are two or three formulas for making Ranjan.

Use them.

Cleaning the toothbrush - Health-Teachers


1. Four parts of finely ground and sieved coal saf in the shell, two parts of crushed and sifted salt, and both safes are mixed together. This Manjan is very cheap and very good.

2. If there is pain in the teeth, the teeth move, or the teeth feel like cold water, use the following Ranjan in the morning and at night when sleeping.

Aqar Qarha one tola, Maju one tola, Phatkri white one tola, Phatkari red one tola, Nagar Motha one tola, Namak Sendha six Masha, Pila mole six Masha, Noshadarch Masha, Kebab sugar six Masha, Shelled almond peeled six Masha, Gaudi. strike a severance,

Recipe: Grind everything finely and store it in a vial. Apply it to the teeth in the morning. Lahori salt, Sambhar salt, Agar Karaha, Coal of almond shells, Soof of carder bark, Soof of Molsari bark,

Recipe: Grind all the ingredients into a paste and make a paste. After 15 minutes, the teeth should be cleaned with water.

The beauty of Ears and Eyes: Wearing heavy jewelry on the ears will spoil their beauty. They look very ugly. Makes ugly, one hole in one ear is enough, sometimes almond oil or bitter oil should be poured into the ears, it keeps the eardrums soft and moist, and deafness is also reduced to some extent.

Applying oil in the ears is also useful for refreshing the mind and eyesight. After bathing, the ears should also be cleaned well. If there is too much wax in the ears, clean the ears using a dispenser.
If the ears are running, putting the pulp of curry beans in the ears will stop them from flowing. Warming radish leaves and squeezing them in the ear is also beneficial.

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