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Climate change is deadly for the heart - Health-Teachers

Climate change is deadly for the heart - Health-Teachers

Scientists have coined the term 'Climate Heart Effects' or Climate Cardiology, warning of the negative effects of changing weather and climate extremes on the heart.

According to a report published in the British Medical Journal of Global Health, researchers have said that heat waves can be very harmful to the heart. On the one hand, climatic extremes are causing food and water shortages, on the other hand, they are promoting many diseases including heart diseases.

Direct and direct research has shown that heat waves cause strokes and heart attacks. It is believed that 93 thousand people died due to heat waves in 2019 alone. Then the worsening weather conditions are making it difficult for medical personnel, hospital infrastructure, and public access to hospitals.

Dr. Michael Hadley of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York says that environmental hazards risk the heart. Polluted air is the leading cause of respiratory, heart, and stroke diseases. The American Heart Association has included it in the list of heart risks.

Climate change is deadly for the heart - Health-Teachers

In addition, forest fires are increasing due to changes in climate. Then, due to the poor condition of the seas, there has also been a lack of foods useful for cardiovascular health. Crops have failed in many countries and drinking water is also becoming scarce. This is why these changes are multifaceted and serious.

Experts have urged that fossil fuels be reduced, new environmentally-friendly energy sources should be found, cars should be abandoned, walking should be done, and awareness of the harmful medical effects of climate change should be brought to the public. On the other hand, a simple and healthy diet and exercise habits are also very beneficial for the heart.

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