Clothing and summer - Health-Teachers

Clothing and summer - Health-Teachers

When it gets cold, the intellect demands that the clothes be good, so that it does not get cold, but in hot weather, most people do not know what is the right dress. In summer, loose-fitting and light-weight cotton fabrics are usually useful, which should also be light in color, so that these fabrics cover the whole body in a loose-fitting manner.

The body should not be exposed to the sun. Some people mistakenly think that if they only wear jeans and vests, they will feel cool. This is not true. It is instructive to look at the Bedouins of the Middle East in this regard, how they cover themselves and how they protect themselves from the scorching sun.

In summer, when you are in the sun, the sun's rays should not fall directly on the body. Wear loose-fitting clothing that covers the entire body, including the arms and legs. Only the face, hands, and feet can be opened in severe weather.

It is true that when you are indoors or outside in the evening and it is not sunny, but when it is hot, wearing light clothes will reduce the feeling of heat, because the part of the body that is naked will lose heat. ۔

For this purpose, open sandals or slippers should be worn. Wear a shirt with short sleeves and a loose fit. The way you sit also helps to dissipate heat. Don't sit cross-legged to keep yourself cool. Keep your arms away from your body and do not sit on the back of a chair.

Wear cotton clothes in summer if you can. Synthetic fibers (nylon, etc.) do not absorb sweat and thus do not release heat from the body. When sweat is expelled from the body and absorbed into the air, your body cools down. 

Clothing and summer - Health-Teachers

Sweat is absorbed out of the natural cotton fabric. The color of the clothes should be white or light, because this color does not absorb heat but goes back, and thus the body stays cool. Care should be taken when going out in the hot sun when the sun is shining. 

At this time the long sleeves and the whole body including the arms and legs are covered. Only the face and hands and feet can be opened. It is important to wear a hat to keep your head cool. In summer, the diet should be light and light. Eat plenty of vegetables, salads, pulses, and fruits.

Heavy, heavy, sweet, fatty foods or high-protein foods should be reduced, as they generate heat and warmth (hence the ancient rules call these types of foods hot), especially at lunch, hot Foods should not be eaten. These foods can be eaten in the evening when it is relatively cold. 

Remember that the heavier the food, the more work your body will have to do, and the more heat will be generated in the body. Drink plenty of water without thirst. Sweating has cooled the body. The method of sweating is to eat innumerable liquids and liquids.

If there is plenty of water in the body, then the body's cooling guards, ie the skin and lungs, will perform their function very effectively. Don't run too much in the heat and waiting for the cold time to show more activity in the heat will create more heat in the body. Don't bother walking for whatever can be done sitting down.

To keep the atmosphere cool, the rooms should be white, the lights should be white and the equipment should be minimal. If you have moved from a cold place to a warm area and are not accustomed to the heat, start exercising slowly, so that you start sweating. This will make your sweat glands work and the heat will be tolerable, but exercise should be done only by people who are healthy in every way.

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