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Common signs and symptoms of Pneumonia - Health-Teachers

Common signs and symptoms of Pneumonia - Health-Teachers


Pneumonia Infections in the lower respiratory tract The term was used to describe an infection inside the lungs. The number of cases of pneumonia due to bacteria is low. The symptoms of pneumonia in children may be different, they may be similar to the symptoms of the common cold and upper respiratory tract.

Signs and symptoms of pneumonia

High, fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, cracking sounds in the lungs, loss of appetite, vomiting due to coughing or sneezing of mucus, usually from dizziness and dizziness, Feeling physically and emotionally disturbed, stomach ache.

What can a doctor do for pneumonia? If the doctor diagnoses pneumonia, your child may have a chest x-ray. The doctor may also order your baby to have some blood tests. Pneumonia caused by a virus does not need to be treated with antibiotics, but it can be difficult to tell the cause of viral and bacterial infections separately.

Your child's doctor will consider a number of factors before taking the best care of it. The lungs affected by the disease turn white on X-rays.

Common signs and symptoms of Pneumonia - Health-Teachers

Most children can be cared for at home. Children who are more ill may need to be hospitalized. It is also possible that they may need to be given oxygen and other medications, or that the child may initially be given antibiotics (intravenously and intravenously).
All antibiotic prescriptions have been prescribed in your child's home care, so prescribe all medications. You must take your child according to the prescription. You must complete the full course of antibiotic treatment for your child.

Use medicines to treat fever and medicine on the advice of a doctor. Maintain the amount of water in your child's body. Drink plenty of fluids to your body. The infection starts to heal and he will start to feel better. Smoke your baby and keep away from things that cause inflammation or itching in the lungs.

Symptoms of Eating

It is also possible for your child's cough to get worse before it gets better. As soon as the pneumonia subsides, your child will cough to get rid of the mucus. The cough may last for a few weeks. If your child's cough persists for more than three weeks, your child has a fever for more than three days after starting antibiotics, take the child to the nearest emergency department if your child is breathing.

If the problem is getting worse, if you get very yellow or your lips turn blue, if you are vomiting antibiotic food or if you are refusing to drink, if you look very sick, go to the hospital immediately.

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