Bitter gourd is a vegetable with many medicinal benefits - Health-Teachers

Curry is a vegetable with many medicinal benefits - Health-Teachers

Bitter gourd is of special importance among the plants that grow from the ground in summer. Undoubtedly, its usefulness in summer is undeniable. In summer, our body becomes deficient in salts. Bitter gourd is the vegetable of nature that makes up for this deficiency. Bitter gourd is a summer product which lasts till rains in hot countries.

Bitter gourd is produced in Punjab. Especially in the forests of Punjab, there is an abundance of autocorrelation which is called Kakora. Bitter gourd looks like a delicate thin line. It is oval and banana-shaped. Its tip is pointed. The hairs are raw green solid red or yellow and taste bitter.

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There are two types of bitter gourd. One is cultivated. It is called big bitter gourd. It is a summer product. It is bitter. The other type is bitter and bitter. ۔

Nutrients and chemicals

100 grams of bitter gourd has a nutritional value of 29.4% moisture, 1-6 protein, 20% fiber, and 4.2% carbohydrates.

Mineral and biological components

Calcium 30 mg, Phosphorus 70 mg, Iron 108 mg, Vitamin 88cm One hundred grams Bitter gourd contains 25 calories.

Dietary and medical benefits

Bitter gourd is widely grown in our country and is also used in large quantities. This vegetable has many nutritional and healing benefits. Ingredients include steel and salts. This vegetable is not only tasty but also has properties that have good effects on the human body. Weakens.

Bitter gourd has effective nutritional and medicinal benefits for it. Coat 100 to 250 grams of whole bitter gourd and use its water for two to three weeks to improve gastrointestinal function.

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Due to constipation, bitter gourd gradually removes all kinds of toxins and contaminants from the human body. In summer, many diseases become epidemic. Cholera is one of them. In the early stages of cholera, bitter gourd leaves, and onion juice. It is useful to mix two teaspoons and one teaspoon of lemon juice.

Bitter gourd water is useful in all liver diseases

Curry is a vegetable with many medicinal benefits - Health-Teachers

Bitter gourd is very beneficial for jaundice. It is a disease of indigestion due to liver failure. For fresh bitter gourd, it is useful to mix 7 tolas of juice with 2 tolas of honey and drink it daily. For patients suffering from gas and gastrointestinal upset, it is useful to keep one to one to five drops of bitter gourd outside at night and drink water in the morning including peels and seeds.

It is also useful for sugar as bitter gourd improves the pancreas. Therefore, it is an elixir for diabetics. It is also useful in joint and arthritis pain, neurological diseases, and paralysis. Because bitter gourd is dry and hot, it dissolves moisture. Get rid of this disease soon Obesity is a disease that causes other diseases.

Eating 2 grams of bitter gourd daily by drying it and making its powder reduces obesity. Bitter gourd breaks down kidney and bladder stones.

In the case of stones, use 2 tolas of bitter gourd juice in the morning and evening. It is useful to mix olive oil with 2 tolas of milk and drink it at bedtime. It is useful to drink in the morning for months and for bloody hemorrhoids it is useful to take a teaspoon of bitter gourd leaves or vegetable juice mixed with a little sugar in it.

Bitter gourd is good for cough because its natural ingredients help to get rid of cough quickly.


Curry is a vegetable with many medicinal benefits - Health-Teachers

If there are worms in the stomach of the child, then grind a little turmeric in 6 handfuls of bitter gourd leaf juice and feed it. The stomach is cleared through vomiting and diarrhea. When preparing bitter gourd curry, take out its seeds and fry it only in ghee and if water is used sparingly, then delicious curry is prepared.

Roasting in meat and minced meat enhances its taste. Before cooking a bitter gourd remove its bitterness, peel it, add salt, put it in the sun for a while, and wash it. After cooking, it reduces its bitterness. ۔ Bitter gourd not only satisfies nutritional needs but is also useful for blood disorders.

Harms and precautions

Bitter gourd is slow to digest, it causes gas in the stomach, but if you use hot spices with it, its properties will change. Hot tempers should avoid eating bitter gourd. Do not eat bitter gourd in case of fever. Mixing green coriander with ghee and yogurt with bitter gourd reduces its heat. Is.

External effects

Grinding bitter gourd on the scalp and applying it on the scalp eliminates sore throat. Repeated application of bitter gourd juice on the sore spot relieves the pain. To get rid of hot boils in the summer season, take 50 grams of fresh flowers from the whole bitter gourd and amlas tree, coat it and drain its water. It is useful to drink.

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