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Deficiency of blood Anemia - Health-Teachers

Deficiency of blood Anemia - Health-Teachers

The need for blood increases during pregnancy, now the blood has to meet the needs of not one but two lives, but the blood does not increase proportionally. The problem is that most of our women suffer from anemia after pregnancy. 

Not only the health of the mother is adversely affected but also the development of the child is affected. Women who are pregnant for the first time are less affected than women who have given birth to several children. Similarly, healthy pregnant women are more prone to anemia than weak women. 

There is a low incidence, but even in healthy women, the amount of blood decreases by 25% depending on the need. Due to anemia, the color becomes dull, the patient gets tired very quickly, the breath becomes fast, the heart beats loudly, and sometimes the patient is sick. 

Fainting can also occur, the condition is restless, there is often pain in the head, and sometimes swelling is seen on the ankles upon waking up. Pressing this swelling creates a hole. If more severe, it can be dangerous for the mother or the baby,, or both. One of the causes of anemia can also be a lack of food.

This is because,, in the early period of pregnancy, most women feel less hungry or because of the fear of nausea and vomiting, they reduce the amount of food and drink. Have a balanced diet.


Deficiency of blood Anemia - Health-Teachers

Protection of the child is the sacred and first duty of a woman. Check your health before becoming a mother and also estimate that your health will worsen during pregnancy. Children of weak mothers are also weak as soon as they enter the world. 

Suffers from various diseases. Anemia usually appears after the fifth or sixth month, but you should try to prevent it beforehand. Treat nausea and vomiting appropriately and maintain your nutrition anyway. You can also use medicines to prevent anemia, for example,, one tablet of Fersolate and one tablet of vitamin B complex in the morning, afternoon,, and evening after breakfast or meals. 

If Fersolate affects your digestion, Heptuna plus Heptuna instead Take one capsule of Plus daily along with vitamin B complex as usual. Medicines alone are not the only cure, proper diet is also important, especially women should be prepared to fight against anemia. I have given birth to children up to one and a half months after the birth of the child Continue taking these medicines and consult a doctor if anemia is more severe.

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