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Disadvantages of using a microwave - Health-Teachers

Disadvantages of using a microwave - Health-Teachers

It is common to heat the baby air in the microwave oven at night. Microwaves have been used in homes for a long time. People use gas stoves and microwaves for cooking or heating food. Powered by microwave electricity and ordinary gas.

In a recent study in the United States, Dr. Mercola revealed that using a microwave is harmful to health. He said that the heat created in the microwave changes the food molecules a lot and this change leads to loss of nutrients.

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They advise microwave users to steam or fry their food on a low-heat stove instead of using a microwave. In this case, you will be protected from microwave damage. Researcher Dr. Letali has revealed in his book that electromagnetic radiation is emitted when a microwave is operated. 

When we put food in the microwave to heat or cook, electromagnetic rays are added to the food and the food has such effects that eating it can cause cancer.

Disadvantages of using a microwave - Health-Teachers

Eating cooked food in Mylarview reduces red and white blood cells, and this reduction is caused by the same electromagnetic radiation. In addition, we can be very tired. It can irritate us and increase our heart rate faster than normal.

When we use a microwave, we put it in a plastic container and put it in the microwave, which is a dangerous mistake. Plastic containers contain chemicals that are unhealthy and are added to foods that are heated.

In addition, the plastic cannot withstand high temperatures and begins to melt. According to the study, when the amount of these harmful health substances released from plastics increases in the body, it can lead to allergies, high blood pressure, mental imbalance, weight gain, and heart diseases.

For this reason, researchers advise that food should not be cooked or heated in the microwave, nor should plastic containers be placed in it. Plastic utensils should not be used either, as research has shown that they are harmful to health.

Next time, when you want to eat hot popcorn or drink coffee or coffee, use a homemade stove instead of using a microwave. Food cooked on the stove or heated is not healthy.

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