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Diseases of pregnancy - Health-Teachers

Diseases of pregnancy - Health-Teachers

Early morning nausea is the first sure sign of pregnancy and it starts in the sixth week and lasts for two months. Vomiting often occurs immediately after breakfast. This condition lasts for a couple of hours and is quite normal. If nausea persists, it is important to consult a doctor.

Yes, nausea is usually a natural process in the ninth month for two weeks, but this disorder usually resolves itself within two weeks, one month before the birth of the baby, if the same condition persists after that. If so, consult a doctor. This disease is more prominent, especially in women who are pregnant for the first time


Diseases of pregnancy - Health-Teachers

Nausea is a psychological reaction. Women are unconsciously not ready to admit pregnancy, hence their nausea, but worrying about nausea worsens this disorder. 

It is important for women to know this. It is a natural reaction and after a certain time after the fourth month, this disorder can become dangerous. To reduce its severity, stay in bed for at least an hour after waking up. Eat breakfast in bed and eat half a biscuit as soon as you wake up until breakfast is ready. 

Do not drink water when you wake up. If vomiting occurs later, a woman's laryngeal or one tablet of Stelazine as soon as you wake up. Increases but your stamina decreases and you may faint and not eat This will make you weak which is dangerous for you and the baby. Try to control yourself.

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