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Don't think of headaches as headaches - Health-Teachers

Don't think of headaches as headaches - Health-Teachers

There are more causes of headaches nowadays than in the past. For example, work pressure, traffic jams, rising emissions, discussions with wife, etc. So whenever a person is physically or psychologically stressed, it can cause tension in the veins of the head or neck, blood vessels, or even muscles.

Pain does not arise in our brain. Because it doesn't have a painful receptor. This pain actually originates in the nerves, blood vessels or muscles of the brain.

Types of Headaches

Any ailment that arises in any part of the brain that does not bleed is called a "headache" in medical terms. There are many types of headaches. Sometimes it arises in one part of the brain and sometimes in both parts.

Sometimes the pain is up and down like waves, sometimes it intensifies. Some headaches are temporary, others last a long time. Medical experts, however, have divided the types of headaches into three major groups. Their introduction is as follows.

(1) Pressure headaches

When the muscles in the head or neck become tense, pressure headaches occur.

Most men and women get headaches from this group. They have less pain but more persistence. Most patients complain that it looks like a bandage has been tied around their head. These headaches last for 30 minutes to a week.

Don't think of headaches as headaches - Health-Teachers

(2) Migraine

It is also called migraine. It is a pain that lasts for hours and even days. The patient is usually overwhelmed by the severity of the pain. The pain gradually increases and decreases.

They shine with stars in front of their eyes. Noise is known by light and smell. If the migraine is severe, the person may also suffer from vomiting and nausea. In English it is called migraine.

(3) Cluster

This is the most severe type of pain. It is characterized by intermittent pain. The pain develops suddenly and usually targets the forehead and eyes.

Headache return

Men and women who use over-the-counter painkillers often suffer from rebound headaches. This usually happens when the medicine is taken for several days. The only way to avoid recurring headaches is to stop using the medication. See a doctor if the pain does not go away.


Fortunately, most headaches are temporary and can be treated with home remedies. Only long-term headaches require medical attention. Here are some treatment options for each group of headaches that can be easily used at home.

Treatment of pressure headaches:

  1. Massage the neck and head. Put cold or hot water bandages on the head. Take a warm bath. Also find other ways to relax.
  2. Take aspirin, ibuprofen and other painkillers.
  3. Exercising in moderation also usually relieves headaches.
  4. The wrong way of sitting in the office or shop causes stressful headaches in many men and women. The correct way to sit is not to keep your head tilted too much. Keep your shoulders and head high even when you are standing.
  5. Find mint oil on the forehead and forehead. This oil contains a sedative, menthol, which can relieve headaches.
Don't think of headaches as headaches - Health-Teachers

Migraine treatment

1. As soon as you feel the onset of this pain, start using herbs. Take prescribed amounts of aspirin and ibuprofen.
2. Rest in a dark room or drink caffeinated beverages (coffee and cola). Sometimes this process relieves migraine.

3. Do nerve and muscle relaxation exercises. Praying can also cure this pain. In addition, spend an hour a day on your favorite hobby.
For example, reading, listening to recitation or gardening, etc.

Treatment of herd headaches

Set a bedtime and go to bed at the same time every day. When the sleep system is reversed, a swarm of headaches usually strikes.

1. Avoid smoking and drinking.

2. Avoid items that catch fire quickly. For example, petrol, spirits, thinners, kerosene and oil paints, etc. Their smell often causes headaches.
3. Take care of your health in higher altitudes. Lack of oxygen there can lead to migraines.

Herbs, minerals, and vitamins

"Allah" Almighty has cured some or the other disease in almost every herb. So all kinds of headaches can be treated with herbs.

Ginger tops the list. Put an inch piece of ginger in boiling water. Let the water boil for half an hour. Then add a little sugar and drink this tea. This drink relieves migraine and relieves nausea and vomiting.
Lemons are also very useful in headaches. Put lemons in coffee and drink it. Add lemon zest.

Then apply it on the forehead as a plaster. Tea made from chamomile relieves headaches. Baboona is available in the form of "tea bags" in major general stores. Drink this tea mixed with honey.

Many men and women suffer from magnesium deficiency headaches. The reason is that the brain is affected by the unavailability of this mineral. Doctors say that in this case take magnesium tablets.

Don't think of headaches as headaches - Health-Teachers

Or eat foods rich in this mineral. These include figs, dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds. Lack of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) in the human body can also cause headaches. So do not let this organism be deficient in the body.

Non-dietary treatment

In addition to diet, there are other tips for relieving headaches.
Since there are many types of this condition, one or the other tip works. For example, try a water treatment tip.

In this treatment, the patient stands in warm water for at least two minutes. (The water should be hot enough to withstand). This method increases blood flow to the skin. The patient is then immersed in cold water for two minutes as long as he can bear it.
This is how the blood spreads throughout the body.

Water treatment experts claim that if you stand in hot and cold water for twenty minutes alternately, the blood flow in the body becomes faster. In this way oxygen and nutrients reach all the organs and the toxins accumulated there are cleared.

The forehead and neck are also treated with this hot and cold treatment. The procedure is to put ice on the forehead in the first cloth.
(Do not place bare ice on the forehead) Then dip a towel in warm water and squeeze and warm the neck with it. The advantage of this treatment is that the heat and cooling relaxes the stiff or tense nerves and nerves due to headaches and thus relieves them from stress.

1. Men and women working on computers often complain of headaches. The reason is that if you stare at the screen for a long time, then the muscles of the eyes, forehead and head become stiff.

To avoid this error, take your eyes off the screen every fifteen minutes and hold on to something twenty or thirty feet away for a few seconds.

If possible, stand up and take a walk. Also, do not keep the monitor too bright, otherwise bright light will increase the pressure on the eyes. Also, keep the monitor parallel to the eyes and about a foot and a half away. Taking these steps significantly reduces headaches.

2. Modern research has revealed that people who get less sleep usually suffer from headaches. So sleep at least seven hours every night. This will not only get rid of the headache but will also wake you up in the morning.

3. Light exercise that is done in the garden is useful for many types of headaches. This not only increases blood flow in the body but also helps in relieving headaches. Take a deep breath during exercise to calm the tense nerves.

4. Fragrance treatment for headaches has been used since ancient times. In this method, mint, oatmeal, eucalyptus, sandalwood, niazbo or rosemary leaves or wood filings are boiled in one liter of water.

When the water boils, the patient covers his head with a towel and sniffs the steam coming out of the pot. Many men and women benefit from this "fragrance treatment" and get rid of headaches.

5. Dehydration is also a major cause of headaches in the human body. In this case, the pain warns the person that the situation is bad. The fact is that many men and women do not drink enough water. So be sure to drink four to eight glasses of water a day to avoid headaches.

Don't think of headaches as headaches - Health-Teachers


Dieting and precautionary measures are also important in preventing headaches. Many men and women do not have headaches if they stay away from certain foods, beverages, activities and polluted environments. Here are some precautions:
  • Use the least amount of salt in your diet.
  • Use caffeine sparingly.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Don't let the body get tired.
  • Sit and stand properly.
  • Stay away from noisy places.

Caffeine and headaches

Some men and women have a habit of drinking three or four bottles of cola a day or three or four cups of coffee. This excess of caffeine can also give them headaches. So drink moderate amounts of coffee to reap the benefits of caffeine.

Consult a doctor

Remember, if the headache does not go away in a day or two with home remedies, go to the doctor. He will then use his experience and tests to find out why the headache arose.

If pain is associated with coma, weakness and dizziness, call an emergency immediately. Sometimes this condition is a precursor to an infectious disease.

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