Don't Worry It Is Not difficult To Be Happy - Health-Teachers

Don't worry It Is Not difficult To Be Happy - Health-Teachers

What Report Says?

It is said that the richest person in the world is the one who is happy with trivial things. However, today man has limited the scope of his happiness to desires. Ignores. And always runs after what he doesn't have. But is it possible for a person in the world to have everything he wants or is there any last wish?

On the other hand, it is also true that if we learn to be happy in every situation instead of running after our desires, then they have less than 24 hours, but if a desire is made the purpose of life, then it is not realized that When did the laughter on our faces disappear while running after desire?

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After all, what is happiness, or what are the ways to be happy and share happiness? Clinical Psychologist Just Hina Haq says, If you want to do it, this feeling of happiness is an important human behavior that affects your daily life.

In any case, it is said that happiness is not divided but multiplied, which increases happiness and only a happy person can multiply happiness.

Wishes & Happiness

Don't worry It Is Not difficult To Be Happy - Health-Teachers

It is not necessary that you have everything to be happy, but you can be happy by counting the blessings given by "Allah" Almighty. It is possible that whatever you have today will be deprived of other blessings.

Isn't it enough to be happy to realize how much grace "Allah" has bestowed on you that many people are praying for the blessings He has bestowed on you? It is true that in this world. There is no one who has no desire. Today you want to get a prominent position in the class or you want to get admission to a top university.

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When these desires are fulfilled, then you will want to be promoted to a higher position, and get a good relationship for marriage, so one desire after another makes you restless. Don't make and don't let the joys of life be sacrificed on a single wish.

If you think about it, you will know that the easiest thing in the world is to be happy because smiling doesn't cost money, so the importance of desires and happiness Understand and realistically determine your priorities.

Why aren't we happy?

Don't worry It Is Not difficult To Be Happy - Health-Teachers

1. We have made ourselves accustomed to working like a machine. Achieving the best keeps man constantly restless and sad. Man sees no other reason to be happy than the fulfillment of desires and does not feel How to fall into the trap of your desires.

2. In today's era of progress or conquest, every individual is collapsing into his own caste. Now we have lost the pleasure of sitting down to eat a meal.

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3. You may have noticed that not only young but also older women and men go to a party. So I would spend all my time just taking pictures. I don't want to meet people and enjoy this event. These types of people get depressed very quickly.

4. It is always sad to look at a person who is superior to oneself with regret and to think that one's things are cut short. In our society, because of this materialism, frustration is increasing and smiles are disappearing, so give thanks to "Allah" for the blessings that are always available. This is also what the elders say. That you should look below yourself, not above, so count your blessings instead of being saddened by your frustrations.

How To Be Happy

1. Get in the habit of forgiving others quickly.

2. Always think positively and if there is a problem, first of all, consider its bright aspects.

3. Spend time with your close friends and relatives and strengthen relationships with them.

4. Always be hopeful. If you ever fail in your goal, then understand that it will be better for you, otherwise "Allah" does not make His servants suffer in every way.

5. If someone is wearing nice clothes, don't think that you don't have them? Instead, praise the wearer.

6. Celebrate it to the fullest if you get a 5-minute break after a busy day in the office.

7. When someone comes to you for help or asks you for advice, give the right advice in good faith and if possible, help him.

8. Make religion a part of your lifestyle. Disappointment will come out of your life.

9. Before going to bed at night, remember what good work you did throughout the day that made someone happy.

10. Instead of regretting your mistakes, try to overcome them and make a plan to move forward with a new determination.

11. Stand in front of the mirror and smile and give thanks for the blessings of "Allah" Almighty. He has blessed you with healthy body parts. Otherwise, there are many people in the world who suffer from mental or physical disabilities.

12. Make time for your favorite hobbies.

13. Meet people who make you happy and give you positive energy.

14. Instead of being sad about the success of a friend or a league, be happy.

15. If your child has shown outstanding performance in class, be sure to appreciate and celebrate it.

16. Don't run after desires that bring you temporary happiness.

17. When you think of your frustrations, write down the blessings you have on your diet and see how many people around you do not have what you have.

Happiness Is Not created By Seeking

Don't worry It Is Not difficult To Be Happy - Health-Teachers

Happiness is the state of mind and I think happiness is not sought but created. We should not wait for happiness, but we should think about how to make the small moments of life beautiful and memorable. This is happiness if you have a good mobile phone.

Count your blessings as a child would be happy to have a pile of toys in front of him. I think and rejoice in what God has given me. In fact, we have limited happiness as we think.

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We think that if there is happiness and opportunity, then we should be happy, that is, if there is an opportunity for Eid or birthday, then such people, who have been wandering around in fulfillment of desires for a whole year, rarely get a chance to be happy.

Then the regrets in life and the fears of the future disappear and you don't have to take a sleeping pill to sleep, then the cool air that blows dust also feels good.

Find Happiness

Only those who want to be happy in the world can be happy. In fact, man is lost in his thoughts. You can't see the joys around you. You see, if something is put in the hand of a crying child, he immediately starts laughing and starts playing with it.

Or if you turn your attention to something else in distress, there will be a drastic change in mood.

Does Music Also Affect Mood?

Don't worry It Is Not difficult To Be Happy - Health-Teachers

Everyone loves to listen to their favorite music, but it also has a significant effect on turning the mode on and off. You may have noticed that sometimes you are very happy but after listening to soft music you start to feel heavy.

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Similarly, fast music makes you very active. If you are in a bad mood or you are depressed for some reason, do not listen to slow and depressing music expressing your feelings.

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