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Ear pain cause and treatment - Health-Teachers

Ear pain cause and treatment - Health-Teachers

Thus the organs in our body also have an ear. The ear is said to have the thinnest bones found in the body which are also very large in number. Our organs consist of three parts one outer part, and the other part.

The middle and the third is the inner part. The outer part of the ear is called the outer ear. A hole in the outer ear is connected to the inside by an eardrum.

The back part of the eardrum is called the middle part and the front part of the eardrum is called the inner part and has the shape of an oyster.
When a germ, bacterium, or virus invades and damages the cells in the body, it causes an infection. And if these bacteria or viruses get inside, they can cause infections there as well.

There are two types of this infection. One is called MediOtitis and the other is called extemaOtitis. Both can affect the middle and inner parts of the ear, including allergic infections, wounds, watering, damage to the aerodrome, tingling in the ear, sore throat, and sore ears.

Maybe sometimes something gets in the ear. I often have empty seeds, pearls, or worms in the ear. For this, you can examine the ear in bright light. Try not to experiment on your own. Take the patient to a nearby doctor immediately after the examination. Will remove the stuck object.

Most patients complain of earache. There can be many reasons for this, such as smallpox, measles, etc., in the middle of the ear swelling causes the ear to begin to flow.
Sometimes, in the case of colds and flu in children, moisture also comes out from the ears, in addition to nasal and throat problems, the ears begin to flow.

Here are some precautionary measures against the ear. Do not use a matchbox needle during ear itching. Always use authentic doctor and company medicines. Donating ear treatment will not only reduce your pain but also increase it.

Ear pain cause and treatment - Health-Teachers

Indigenous treatment:

In case of ear pus, add two drops of mustard oil semi-warm.

If a worm enters the ear, put glycerin in it to get the thing out.

Drinking lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water in the morning helps in ear discharge.

Putting garlic in mustard oil in jalakarkan removes pain and pus.
Warming onions benefit deafness.

Adding hot mustard oil is also useful for deafness.

The best treatment for earache is also homeopathic.

If there is pus and bleeding in the ears of children, a dose of 30 X is enough.

In case of itching or pain in the ears of children, put two drops of mullein oil.

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