Eleven Ways to Get Rid of Legs - Health-Teachers

Eleven Ways to Remove Legs - Health-Teachers

When there is a pain in the legs, the torso is stretched and turns blue. They appear on the surface of the skin. But they also have to do with deep internal veins. When the legs are healthy, the natural valve attached to the body allows the blood to flow in one direction. 

It does not return, however, when the veins become tense or less stressed, the blood also returns to the veins, causing the veins to swell and begin to swell.

This is usually due to old age, not exercising, standing for long periods, of being overweight. Women gain weight on the days when they are pregnant. Their legs become swollen and their gait changes.

Don't stand too long

Standing for a long time without any reason causes blood to accumulate in the veins and put pressure on them.

After ten or fifteen minutes, whenever the opportunity arises, sit down and spread your legs together, so that blood does not accumulate in the veins.

Eat berry

Eleven Ways to Remove Legs - Health-Teachers

Blackberries, juices, and strawberries contain flavonoids, which strengthen blood vessels. Swelling of the veins of the legs is also cured by them. Be sure to eat a few berries after dinner or in the morning after breakfast.

When sitting, tutangan kvathalin

When you are watching television or sitting still for a long time, lift your legs slightly so that blood does not clot in your veins. Lifting the legs increases blood flow.


Don't sit still for a long time, no matter what, start walking. This is the best way to keep blood flowing in the legs. Be sure to take a walk before dinner. Put pressure on your legs one by one. Also, do light exercise for a while to lift the torso.

Do not wear tight clothes

Eleven Ways to Remove Legs - Health-Teachers

Young people usually prefer to wear tight jeans and a tight shirt. Wearing tight pants causes blood to flow, causing the veins in the legs to swell and causing pain in the legs. Of course, in tight clothes, your body looks good, but it also causes damage.

Lose weight

If you are overweight, try to reduce it. This will not only make your body look good but will also increase the blood flow in the legs and the veins will not swell.

According to a study conducted in Scotland, when a person's causation increases, the veins in his legs become 58% more swollen. To avoid this, do not overeat and exercise well. This way your physical ailments will disappear.

Don't wear high heels

Wearing high-heeled sandals or shoes does not affect the legs so much that the veins become swollen and swollen, but it is important that the arteries are affected and the heart cannot pump blood back.

So we should wear sandals and shoes without high heels so that the blood flow in our legs is better.

Wear socks

Eleven Ways to Remove Legs - Health-Teachers

Wearing a special type of sock called "Compression Stocking" improves blood flow to the legs and does not cause pain in the legs.

Eat Gotocola

Gotu Kola is an herb that grows in Madagascar, India, and Sri Lanka. Eating this herb eliminates pain and swelling in the legs. It strengthens the veins, which has a positive effect on the legs as a whole and improves blood flow in the veins. Experts say that 30 to 39 mg of Gotokola should be taken in a day.

Eat oak seeds

The seeds obtained from the oak tree eliminate swelling in the veins of the legs by eating. Researchers at Harvard Medical Center say: "We studied and observed thousands of people whose legs were stretched and whose veins turned blue. 

When he was fed the seeds of the oak tree, the pain in his legs became four times less than that of the people who did not eat these seeds. The legs of those who ate the seeds were reduced by about half and the stretch was reduced by 100%.

He said that the heaviness of his legs was also removed. An important component of oak seeds is "Escin", the food which gives strength to the veins of the legs. Researchers in the United Kingdom say that these seeds are very useful. They should be taken in the amount of 300 mg per day.

Intestinal perforation

Your intestines should be clean. When the bowel is pressed hard in the toilet, the veins of the torso are also affected and there is pain. If you do not want to have constipation in your intestines and you do not have constipation, then eat fiber foods and drink as much water as possible.

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