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Eradication of TB - Health-Teachers

Eradication of TB - Health-Teachers

TB is the second most deadly disease in the world. In Pakistan, 500,000 people are affected by this disease every year. 60,000 of them die. Tuberculosis is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which damages the human lungs the most. The treatment of this disease is definitely long, but according to the doctor's instructions, you can get rid of this disease completely by using medicines.

Recently, a new method of treatment has achieved 82% success in treating drug-resistant TB. This was revealed at the World Conference on Lung Health held in Liverpool. The drug was tested in Namibia with surprising results. It included 1,006 TB patients who were not responding to the most powerful TB drug, rifampicin.

Out of these 734 cases showed signs of improvement while 54 of the remaining patients did not take the medicine, 49 did not return and reported their condition and 82 patients died. 

The head of the International Union Against Tuberculosis Africa, Valerie Shaw Bell, has described this new combination drug as a successful recipe. According to Dr. Paula Fujiwara, another expert of the same organization, when this drug was introduced in many other places, similar results were obtained and it can be called the most effective method of treatment for TB that cannot be cured by drugs.

In this treatment, hundreds of patients with severe tuberculosis in ten African countries were given a combination of seven different drugs. Three drugs were given for the first four months, while the remaining four were given for the next four months.

It is expected that this will pave the way for the treatment of TB patients who have failed their treatment. This form of TB is called MDR-TB. Most of its patients are in India, Russia, and China.

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