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Eyelids turning inward - Health-Teachers

Eyelids turning inward - Health-Teachers

Sometimes one or more eyelids due to misplaced fire may turn inward and rub against the eye, causing severe itching and pain in the eye. The eyelids turn inward and meet the eye. Sometimes the hairline under the hairline bends the eyelids inward, and sometimes when the eyelid wound heals, the eyelids, and thus the eyelids, bend inward.


If only one or two eyelids are curled inward, pull them out with fine-mouthed tweezers forceps. If there is air and the entire row of eyelashes is rubbing against the eye, then stick the tape on the outside of the eyelid, in this way, the eyelids will be drawn outward. However, to get permanent relief from this disease, a minor operation has to be done. You will have to go to the hospital for that.

Watery in the eyes

Its main causes are eye inflammation and eye allergy, but sometimes watery eyes start without eye inflammation. Through a small duct, it continuously goes into the nose, even if this duct is blocked, the eyes start to water more.

Watery in the eyes Treatment 

Get treatment for inflammation or allergy. If the eyes are watery in the absence of inflammation, put a few drops of penicillin eye drops in the eye three to four times a day. If you have a cold or any other nasal disease, get it treated.

Blood in the eye

Sometimes due to rupture of a blood vessel in the eye, blood clots in the eye. This disease is common in old and weak people. In scurvy etc., a vein of the eye also bursts.

Blood in the eye treatment

Most people are very worried about this disease. It is not a dangerous disease. The blood in the eye is usually absorbed by itself within three weeks. If your physical health is not good, improve it.

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