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Fill Paint and reduce the Stress - Health-Teachers

Fill Paint and reduce the Stress - Health-Teachers

The universe is a beautiful combination of colors. Man loves natural beauty and gets lost in the colors of nature. The blue and white color of the sky gives peace to man's eyes and refreshes his thinking. The greenery and flowers of the trees are beautiful. This attachment to man's colors brings him closer to the divine beauty of the universe.

No matter what age a person is, he is not only attracted to the combination of colors, but he also feels pleasure in using these colors with his own hands. That is why drawing is now becoming a favorite pastime of not only children but also adults.

It has often been observed that when children are doing their homework, their mothers also fill in the blanks on their children's drawing books with great enthusiasm.

During this activity, they feel very light as well as enjoy themselves. Now children can be seen painting computers in addition to color boxes.

Fill Paint and reduce the Stress - Health-Teachers

Public libraries in New York are hosting weekly and programmed workshops to provide a platform for the public. In New York, Dover Publications has published dozens of coloring books for adults and has announced that August 12 will be National Coloring Book Day.

Psychotherapist Linda Turner says that when you are full of color, you are actually descending into a valley of tranquility. According to Turner, while children may be excited to get up to color in pictures, adults can certainly benefit more from this activity.

Because whatever the texture in the coloring box, it tends to create something. Callie Fork (Reddit Programming Specialist in New York Public Library) says that coloring is very easy and interesting, it does not require any special talent, it is therapy. This is an attempt to save man from trouble because colors can affect the human body and mind.

Colors have a profound effect on our feelings and emotions.
Increases mental performance and makes the learning process interesting. In ancient times, the Chinese and Egyptian civilizations also used to treat mental springs through colors, and modern science also treats this treatment. The treatment with colors is called chromotherapy.

One of the reasons for man's attachment to colors is that apart from the intellect, man is superior to living beings in that he can distinguish between colors.

Fill Paint and reduce the Stress - Health-Teachers

Can sense colors. The same feeling of color can be felt in the pictures and the stress can be removed. According to Turner, when people are coloring in pictures, they are very calm. This thing makes them lively and exciting. This is how freedom from stress comes. And man seems to be happy.
That is why the knowledge of the Torangs has now acquired the status of formal science. Special research has been done on the colors that red, sky, and yellow affect our personality.

The color red is said to symbolize happiness, cheerfulness, and anger, and blue color symbolizes tension. Greening gives a person coolness and comfort. In addition, the colors are taken into account in the selection of clothing, jewelry, and jewelry. The colors red, pink, and orange are worn for fun.

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