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Fit jeans are harmful to muscles - Health-Teachers

Fit jeans are harmful to muscles - Health-Teachers

An Australian woman had to go to the hospital because she had been wearing tight jeans for four days. The tight fit caused tension in his muscles and swelling in his legs and affected his nervous system. Dr Thomas Kember of the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia said he was shocked. A 35-year-old woman suffered severe muscle and nerve damage.

According to the popular Australian newspaper Sydney Morning Herald, the woman was also helping her relative who was moving from one house to another.

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But the 35-year-old woman's illness was caused by the tight jeans she wore while constantly moving and getting up. Neurologist Dr. Thomas Kember said the woman was returning home from a park when she heard footsteps and fell down.

The woman, who was not identified, said she felt her legs slowly swell, but as she walked, she did not notice and fell down. After falling to the ground, the woman was unable to get up again and lay there for several hours until she reached the hospital.

According to Dr. Thomas, he is already aware of many cases were wearing tight jeans damages the cells and nerves in the hips, but he first saw the nervous system is affected.

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He said that wearing tight or tight jeans depresses the nerves and nerves of the legs. This also reduces the blood supply to the muscles. Upon entering the hospital, the woman's jeans were cut and she was discharged from the hospital after four consecutive days of treatment.

In the same case, the woman's legs remained weak for several days, but gradually her legs were completely healed. "I think genes that are not flexible can cause more problems," said Dr. Thomas, warning of the dangers of tight genes.

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