Foods that relieve heartburn - Health-Teachers

Foods that relieve heartburn - Health-Teachers

Heartburn or inflammation is a clear sign of increased acidity in the stomach and experience has shown that this complaint is increasing in our country and the number of patients suffering from this disease is increasing day by day. Use the below foods that reduce and relieve heartburn.

Use of barley

I have the property that it is very useful for gastric acidity. If you use barley porridge for breakfast, it is very good for the stomach and you will have a good day and will get rid of heartburn.


Nature has such a power in ginger that it reduces stomach acidity. It has the property that it fights well against inflammatory substances and gets rid of acidity.

Use it during cooking and can also be used after chopping and sprinkling on food.

Cover Gland

The use of covargundal is very useful for the human body. Not only is it very good for your hair and skin, but if you use it in food, it will save you from heartburn.


This is a good thing if you use salads, but reduce the use of onions, tomatoes, and cheese. Salad has a very positive effect on the stomach, for this purpose you can use cucumber and red radish.

Eat bananas

Research has shown that eating bananas improves the pH level in the body, but some people suffer from acidity after eating bananas, so before eating a banana, make sure that you do not have a problem with it. Would have If the answer is no, use a banana.

Use of melons

Melons have a pH of 6.1 and are very good for acidity, but some people suffer from acidity when using them, so before eating, make sure that you also get acidity from the use of melons.

Fennel Seed

Eating fennel not only eliminates bad breath but also cures all gastrointestinal diseases while it is also very useful for acidity.

Use of fish

Foods that relieve heartburn - Health-Teachers

Every type of fish has the property that it reduces the acidity in your stomach. Use lobster, prawns, and shellfish if you like, and get rid of acid in a few days.

Green roots

Consumption of indigenous vegetables with green roots reduces acidity. Cabbage, broccoli, peas, etc. are very useful for the stomach. If they are eaten raw, they are very useful.


Celery has the property that it does not contain any amount of calories. It will save you from stomach acid.
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