Good news for joint patients - Health-Teachers

Good news for joint patients - Health-Teachers

Scientists have developed an artificial thumb joint for arthritis patients that will relieve pain in their hands. A small coin signer made of ultralight pyrolytic carbon, or commonly called carbon fiber, a material used in missile noses, will have a thumb 5 times stronger than steel.

In this regard, when this experiment was conducted on 600 joint patients, the results were 98%. According to the volunteers involved in the experiment, this combination has made it easier for them to do their daily work. Installation of this joint takes less than an hour and is applied to the base of the thumb, after which the joints stop rubbing together.

It has been seen that the joint of the thumb starts to hurt a lot in old age and it becomes difficult to do even small daily tasks, in such a case this disc of one centimeter will relieve a lot of pain. After 3 months of disc placement, the hand should be completely healed.
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