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Half Headache Causes, And Treatment - Health-Teachers

Half Headache Causes, And Treatment - Health-Teachers

Migraine is one of the most common side effects of migraine. Every third person suffers from migraine symptoms in one way or another. What happens during his visit is that the vein under the skin swells at the site of the concussion.

As a result, some chemicals are produced, causing the veins to swell and swell through pain, causing the nervous system to feel nauseous, upset stomach, and vomiting, as well as slowing down the digestion of food. Blood clots can cause cold hands and feet and increase sensitivity to light and sound.

The body may also feel weak on one side. Some people with the disease recognize their pain, but not all of them can. It can be caused by allergies, bright lights, too much noise, the use of some unpleasant scents, physical and emotional stress, or changes in sleep habits.

Smoking or smoking, shortness of breath, or fasting can also be the cause. How to distinguish between a common headache and a migraine A common headache is a pain that occurs occasionally but is not actually a disease.

Half Headache Causes, And Treatment - Health-Teachers

Eighty-five percent of migraine sufferers feel a heart attack with a heartbeat as if someone is constantly stabbing them in the head. The disease is more common in women than men.

Efforts are made to treat the symptoms of migraine prevention and treatment. Compounds of paracetamol, aspirin, and caffeine, as well as headaches, nausea, and depression, are tried to prevent.

Herbs also use hemp and poppy seeds, dried coriander, green chilies, and asparagus. Also, oil massage on the spinal cord is useful. If you drink a cup of coffee, it is the easiest and cheapest treatment.

Coffee clogs the arteries, which reduces the severity of the pain. People who are not accustomed to having breakfast in the morning may be at risk of headaches. According to a study, if massaged twice a week, migraine attacks will be halved. Eating fiber-rich vegetables in your lifestyle and daily diet also reduces depression and stress.

In some people, the onset of a migraine is accompanied by blurred vision, which lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes, followed by a break before the onset of the headache. The condition begins to worsen, and with the physical weakness, it is difficult to pronounce words clearly. Some people experience that the balance of vision is not right, in some cases, the pain disappears automatically after two or three hours.

Half Headache Causes, And Treatment - Health-Teachers

Going to a dark and cool place during pain gives relief. It is also helpful to rub ice on the upper part of the eye and brain and drink cold water.

Wi-Fi devices, remote control devices, laptops, and routers are affecting our mood and health. The use of mobile phones has also been researched as a cause of migraines. People are exposed to the effects of the electromagnetic field.

This can lead to countless problems such as cancer, Alzheimer's, brain tumors (autism in pregnant women), severe depression, anxiety, lack of interest in students' studies, and poor memory. Research has shown that frequent mobile phone users (during use) have nausea, vomiting, and migraine pain effects.

About radiofrequency radiation, it has also been reported that low-frequency radiofrequency radiation can cause migraines. Migraines can also be experienced during train, coach, and air travel. In addition to the symptoms, we need to take care of our physical, spiritual, and mental health.

For this, if all the symptoms are monitored by making a diary, many conveniences will be created. Wise women write the medical history of their families in a notebook. It is also a blessing for their spouses and dear children.

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