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Harmful effects of noise on human health - Health-Teachers

Harmful effects of noise on human health - Health-Teachers

I have taken up the pen to write about human health and I try my best to convey to the readers the ways to get health from the principles given in the writings of experts. I would also like to write about some of the things that people have overlooked in everyday life. In the first phase, I am talking about the harmful effects of noise on human health.

We do not attach much importance to noise in ordinary life, but gradually noise has such a bad effect on human health that it becomes difficult to use it in the next life.

The health of people living in and around shopping malls in major cities and areas where traffic congestion is high is also severely affected by this constant noise.

Noise damages the health of those who live there as well as those who come. Noise also affects the human body's hormones, which can lead to heart disease in addition to other diseases. Most people suffer from constant headaches.

In addition, noise can cause irritability, high blood pressure, stress, and constant insomnia. Deafness is on the rise due to noise and children's education is also being affected. In short, we can say that human health is being ruined due to not paying attention to the harm of noise. 

If a person stays away from noisy places, he can avoid many diseases. Human beings can tolerate noise to some extent and exceeding that limit affects health. Government and parastatal agencies must play their part in protecting human health so that noise in densely populated areas and shopping malls does not exceed a certain level. 

If people are healthy then society will be healthy and if society is healthy then the country will develop. If there is no health then what will be the use of this development and these beautiful shopping malls. We all have to think very seriously to control this silent killer, the noise.

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