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Healthy lifestyle - Health-Teachers

Healthy lifestyle - Health-Teachers

Health is a great blessing given by "Allah" Almighty. We must protect this blessing. Health is related to a balanced diet. Some people eat a balanced diet, but their eating habits are such that they do not get the benefits they need from a balanced diet. Such people start gaining weight and their unbalanced lifestyle hinders them from achieving the benefits of a balanced diet.

Adopt good eating habits and get rid of bad habits for a better lifestyle. Sometimes we don't even know how harmful the food we are eating is harmful to our health. Our health is most affected by unbalanced food and cola drinks in the market.

Below are some of the bad eating habits that need to be overcome. Think about it, maybe you are also suffering from such bad habits? If you have such a bad habit then this is the right time for you to decide that you will get rid of it forever and adopt a healthy one.

Eating too fast is one bad habit. He must be saved. Due to the habit of eating in a hurry, we pass the food into the stomach without chewing, which increases the workload on the stomach.

Healthy lifestyle - Health-Teachers

In addition, hasty eating fills our stomachs with excess food, which causes our stomachs to swell. We must not forget that the news of our stomach-filling reaches the brain after a few minutes.

That is, after a few minutes, the brain receives a signal that the stomach is full and then we feel bloated, but by that time we have hastily filled the throat. Harnawala should be chewed well so that there is no burden on the stomach and the food can be easily digested.

Healthy lifestyle - Health-Teachers

Eating habits are not good while walking or driving. If you want to live a healthy life, give up this bad habit immediately. Eating and drinking while walking or working should be avoided. This is unhealthy behavior.

In addition to focusing on other activities, take care of your diet and eat at the scheduled meal time. Also, eating while watching TV or sitting in front of the computer is harmful. Because at the moment our focus is not on food but on TV or computer which results in us overeating which is harmful to health.

Healthy lifestyle - Health-Teachers

Don't let your mood affect your eating and drinking. When a person suffers from stress and frustration, he is naturally inclined to eat, and even though he does not want to, he becomes preoccupied with eating and overeating, which has a detrimental effect on his health. 

The best solution may be to take a walk whenever you feel stressed or frustrated.  Exercise Go to a friend or relative living nearby or watch one of your favorite programs on TV. Doing things like this will not only distract you but also exercise your body.

Sweets are usually eaten after meals. Eating sweets increases calories. And our body gets energy but sweets should be eaten in moderation.

Eating before going to bed at night is also a bad habit. Never eat before going to bed. The biggest disadvantage of this is that our sleep duration becomes shorter and no matter how long we sleep, it is not full and complete. 

Healthy lifestyle - Health-Teachers

Eating late at night does not give our stomach enough time to digest food which makes our digestion worse. Food should always be eaten at least two hours before bedtime because when we are asleep our stomach and other organs of the body are also resting which is why the calories do not burn so much when walking and working while waking up. 

Are jealous For a healthy life, it is important that your diet is balanced and that you eat it on time and chew well. Chewing and eating a little food also fill the stomach. Eat only when you are really hungry. Make it a habit to drink water about an hour before or after meals, not between meals. These are useful principles that you can follow to lead a healthy life.

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