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Healthy Teeth Healthy Life - Health-Teachers

Healthy Teeth Healthy Life - Health-Teachers

There is no denying the fact that nature has given us only one pair of strong teeth. Of course, if you take care of them properly, they will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Conversely, if you ignore their electricity, you will be worried for the rest of your life and will spend a lot of money on dental treatment.

The most important thing in dental protection is to take special care of the holes or cavities that form from the upper hard surface of the teeth to the lower soft surface.

Tooth decay is caused by harmful germs that live in your mouth. These germs cannot harm you individually. However, when they collectively move around your teeth, they stick a layer of sticky dirt on them.

This layer is called PLAQUE. Germs begin to grow in this plaque. When you eat a food, the sugar plaque found in that food reaches the inside of your teeth.

Cheese Protects Teeth

Most hard cheeses contain an enzyme that protects against dental disease. If you eat two pieces of hard cheese a day, you will be able to protect your gums and teeth from germs.

Raw Vegetables

Raw fruits and vegetables are also good for teeth because they naturally release a substance that cleans teeth.

They contain enzymes that detoxify teeth. Cabbage (broccoli) is also very useful in this regard, in addition to the dark green spinach is also beneficial. This is because it is rich in calcium which keeps the teeth strong.

Prevention Is Improved

Getting rid of plaque does not require prolonged treatment and more precautions.

Healthy Teeth Healthy Life - Health-Teachers

The most important precaution is not to let it happen. The best way to do this is to eat a small amount of chocolate, sweets and sugary foods, even if you eat them. Could not freeze

Your Big Weapon

Your biggest weapon to protect your teeth is a toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. When brushing your teeth with your brush, rub from top to bottom and also rotate in a circle. In addition to teeth, brush your tongue because plaque germs are also present there.

Do not use toothbrushes for long periods of time. Replace it quickly. This change should take place over a period of three or four months. When buying a brush, make sure that it is soft and that the handle is such that the brush can reach all sides of the mouth.

If you have a major dental disease, be sure to consult a dentist. Also, occasionally brush your teeth with a machine. In case of plaque, it is necessary to clean it with a machine that can make teeth.

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