Heart diseases - Health-Teachers

Heart diseases - Health-Teachers

20% of women who die during childbirth are due to heart disease. During the fourth and eighth months, the workload on the heart increases one and a half times as it also carries the baby. This burden can be dangerous for women who are weak or anemic. 

These stages are more dangerous for women who already suffer from heart disease before or later. Psychological factors also play an important role in heart disease.


You cannot treat heart disease at home, but we can give you such advice along these lines, with the help of which you will be able to fully understand the risk and be safe from a fatal heart attack by seeking medical attention at all times. 

See a doctor if doing small things like getting out of bed to go to the kitchen causes you to be short of breath, or is short of breath even when lying down or sitting. Do remember that it is normal to experience shortness of breath or a little swelling in the ankles after working out during pregnancy.

If you suffer from severe anemia, get it treated in time. If fever persists, it is important to get checked by a doctor. This past illness can lead to a fatal heart attack during childbirth. If a dangerous situation arises at home, the midwife will not be able to help you, with cough, cold, asthma and throat problems, or severe heart disease.

Try to avoid such diseases as much as possible. Stay away from people who have these diseases. However, if you suffer from any such disease, seek treatment immediately. If the feet or face turn blue, consult a doctor. 

Continue proper treatment of anemia if you suspect any heart disease or shortness of breath, for two weeks at the beginning of the eighth month and again for three weeks before delivery. Take complete rest these days even a little work can become a big burden on your heart.


Heart diseases - Health-Teachers

Some women complain of vaginal itching during pregnancy. Sometimes this itching can be all over the body. Vaginal itching is usually caused by something dirty. Whole-body itching is psychological in nature.


keep the genitals clean. Calamine lotion can be applied locally. If the itching is all over the body, dissolve sweet soda sodium bicarbonate in warm water and bathe with it. One tablet can be used in the morning, afternoon, and evening

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