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Household tips to avoid heat - Health-Teachers

Household tips to avoid heat - Health-Teachers

The weather has a profound effect on our mood and our overall health. When the heat intensifies, I get irritable and at the same time, I face health problems. In such heat, the heart wants to just sit in front of the AC, but then it starts worrying about the electricity bill.

Use natural methods to keep yourself fit and energetic in the heat, which will not cost anything and you will feel refreshed. Elderly people say that coming out of the sun and pouring water on the feet brings the body temperature back to normal.

Also, you can keep a good lotion or toner in the fridge. Applying it on tired feet from the sun will bring relief. Fill a plastic bottle in the freezer. Keep this bottle with you when you go out. As the water melts you will have to drink cold water.

Limit tobacco, cigarette, and tea use. Caffeine creates more heat in the body. Use cold fruit or dairy products at short intervals rather than hot meals. If the house does not have AC, spend part of the day in a cool mall, theater, or a cool place.

Limit outdoor activities as much as possible. Try to get everything done early in the morning or at night. Try to keep battery-powered fans with you so that you can rest when the lights go out. Take a quick shower. After bathing, dry the body under a fan instead of using a towel.

Put a water spray in the fridge. When it gets too hot, spray it on the face and scalp. Increase the consumption of melons, strawberries, bananas, and blueberries in fruits. It is also beneficial to make their juice or shake. The water in these fruits will not allow the body to become dehydrated. 

They provide the body with electrolytes that restore energy. Vegetables contain water in eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes, and green vegetables. Make them part of your daily diet. They will also meet the nutritional needs of the body in summer.

Coconut water and buttermilk are drinks that are easily mixed in summer and taste good. Use them well in summer. According to Ayurvedic experts, if onion juice is applied behind the ears or on the chest after coming out of the sun, the body temperature drops immediately.

Also, increase the use of onions in sauces and salads. Mix a little sugar in mint or green coriander water and keep it in the fridge and drink it when the opportunity arises. Its effect is cool. Every coriander water can also be used for hot skin itching.

Grind sandalwood and make a paste in water. Apply it to the chest and forehead. Also, apply sandalwood oil on the forehead or skin affected by heat.

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