How much sleep is necessary for our health - Health-Teachers

How much sleep is necessary for our health - Health-Teachers

The fact that good sleep is essential for good health cannot be ignored. Sleep also affects a person's memory. Getting enough sleep can improve your health as well as your daily life.

A recent study on sleep in the United States found that on average, an adult needs nine hours of sleep a night, which can make a positive difference in his or her life, which is essential for a better life.
The main reason for the lack of sleep globally is the suffering and difficulties that occur at the social level.

According to medical experts, the problems facing society affect people's sleep, which leads to poor health. Compared to young people, middle-aged people sleep less than medically prescribed sleep.

A recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that one in three adults in the United States may be at risk for obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, and heart disease due to a permanent lack of sleep for less than seven hours.

How much sleep is necessary for our health - Health-Teachers

According to the report, one in three adults in the United States sleeps less than seven hours a night. On a daily basis, women, especially those in their 30s and 60s, have the least sleep. They sleep less than the medically prescribed seven or eight hours. The University of Michigan compiled the report after studying sleep trends around the world.
With the help of a mobile phone application, information has been collected on how long people sleep on a daily basis and what are the barriers to sleep due to their early memory.

The research collected data on people from more than 100 countries, including age and gender, as well as their working hours in natural light. According to experts, the analysis of the results of this study will help to overcome the global sleep crisis. For the study, scientists collected data from about 6,000 people over the age of 15. According to the results of this study, "sleep deprivation or lack of sleep can pose a serious threat to human life."
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