How to avoid back and neck pain - Health-Teachers

How to avoid back and neck pain - Health-Teachers

The teaching sector is very important to us, especially for women. Teachers are highly respected in society and it is said that the future of children and steps is in their hands.

Many female teachers report neck, back, and joint pain to physicians. Research has shown that about 90% of female teachers suffer from this problem.

A study conducted in Hong Kong found that 3 to 69% of female teachers suffer from neck pain. A Chinese study also found that 65% of female teachers suffer from back pain, while a study from Brazil found that 41% of female teachers suffer from back and neck pain.

According to my (author's) research, 10% of female teachers have neck pain, 2% have back pain, 2% have leg pain and 49% have neck, back, and leg pain. These discomforts include not only pain but also muscle strain, swelling, and joint pain.

According to research, female teachers bowing their heads, checking copies, using blackboards more, standing longer and stress are the main causes of these problems, adversely affecting the lives of young people. These discomforts affect not only couples but the entire body of female teachers.

These problems increase with age and can lead to physical disability. Considering the effects on the body, it would not be wrong to say that some pains are also associated with defects in the lumbar spine, including the neck or lumbar spine, which extends to the growing arms and legs and the body hears.

How to avoid back and neck pain - Health-Teachers

Seems to be happening. Timely treatment and precaution for this pain are very important. The United States needs to educate female teachers about the problem so that they can avoid it. The biggest cause of these diseases is today's lifestyle. 

Also included are lack of time for exercise, unavailability of suitable furniture for teachers, and financial difficulties. No one else can do what the three teachers themselves can do to prevent these diseases. Taking time for yourself can reduce stress and improve your quality of life.

The school administration should not put too much pressure on female teachers to work, because the more mentally satisfied they are, the better they will be able to perform their duties. The height of the table in the classroom for female teachers is neither too high nor too low.

They should make it a habit to do light exercise and walk every day. Female teachers take care of their diet. Increase the amount of calcium in the diet. They must drink about ten to twelve glasses of water a day.

If female teachers have to stand for long periods, they should sit in a chair for three or four minutes every hour and take deep breaths. Female teachers should wear comfortable shoes, as shoes without heels cause foot pain. Wearing very high heels affects the knees and back.

Muscle and joint pain are a problem in old age, but sometimes due to overwork and carelessness, they can occur prematurely and increase over time. There is a need for Americans to take some time out of their busy schedules for a healthy life and to see a doctor promptly in case of illness so that the pain can be reduced instead of increasing.

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