How to end kidney stones - Health-Teachers

How to end kidney stones - Health-Teachers

The stones and sir in the kidneys of the people begin to begin, saying that the curiosity they face is undeniable. If the kidney stones are small, ie about 5 mm, the medicines leave the urinary tract after two weeks of eating and the kidneys continue. Which later are removed from the urinary tract in the form of particles.

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Sometimes it has to have surgery. It cannot be said how stones can be made and not, however, we can take such precautions that we do not have stones, such as changing our diet, drinking more water, and avoiding columnists. In addition, the things that are stoned to the kidney are as follows.

• Hereditary

How to end kidney stones - Health-Teachers

If someone in your family has a kidney stone, you may also have to suffer. If you already have a stone, you will likely be two instead of one.

• Water deficiency

How to end kidney stones - Health-Teachers

Physicians say that many people complain of stones in the heat, especially those who live in the heat and who are very sweaty. When the sweat comes high, the urine is less. This is also the case when you drink less water. 

If the body is dehydrated, the chances of stones are increased. When you drink more water, urine is emitted from the urine and the chances of stones decrease.

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If you want stones to drink more water if there is no stone complaint. Physicians suggest that drinking eight to twelve glasses of water is necessary. 

Instead of simple water you can drink lemons, it does not make the kidney stones become stones. Experts say that urine is not included in the kidney, causing stones to become a kidney.


How to end kidney stones - Health-Teachers

If you eat more proteins (proteins) and continue to scrutinize sodium and sugar while eating low calcium, the chances of becoming stones increase.

Physicians say you eat more fruits and vegetables. Calcium should not eat too little or too much, otherwise, it is a risk of becoming a stone. Eat 10 to 12 ounces of meat daily. Avoid eating, such as spinach, etc. If the amount of fire is high in the diet.


How to end kidney stones - Health-Teachers

If your lifestyle involves working, then surely your cousin will increase and the size of the waist will increase. In this case, your kidneys may be likely to be stoned. In addition, you can increase cable pressure.

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• Medical Conditions

How to end kidney stones - Health-Teachers

If your stomach has been surgery, you have a terrible system of inflammation and it has inflammation or if you have diarrhea, the chances of becoming stones in your kidneys increase in these cases. 

Because if calcium and water are not properly absorbed, ingredients begin to join your urine, which causes stones. The kidney stone complaints are surrounded by other diseases, including heart disease, diabetes type II, and hypertension.

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Many medications even add to us a complaint of stones. Experts say that there are many diseases, such as migraine, epilepsy, stroke, etc., whose medications also cause kidney stones. In addition, if the amount of fluoride is high in drinking water, the stone still falls. 

Many scientists have revealed the relationship between calcium and vitamin "D" and that it is likely to be stoned due to blood and urine levels. They are instructed to eat 800 international units of "D" and eat 800 to 1200 mg of Calcium daily. Enhance more quantities.

Such people have been eating young supplies for a long time, they should continue to examine their blood and urine and seek advice from the physician. 

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