How to prevent anemia - Health-Teachers

How to prevent anemia - Health-Teachers

Anemia can occur at any age. It is more common in women than in men. The condition affects health and the patient has a strong sense of urgency. Gradually the ability to work changes. Anemia causes the face to turn yellow. Walking or climbing stairs makes you breathless. The patient feels colder.

Anemia makes the face dull. Anemia can be detected by testing. The red blood cells (hemoglobin) absorb oxygens from the lungs and reach the thymus. If there are fewer red blood cells, there is less oxygen.

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When the muscles of the body do not get enough of it, they cannot convert the food completely into energy, and thus the amount of blood in the body decreases, which causes shortness of breath.

The patient takes deep breaths so that the body can get the desired oxygen. In the case of anemia, the red blood cells in the body also decrease.

Why does the body become anemic and what are the causes? The causes are excessive bleeding in the event of an accident or hemorrhage, excessive bleeding in women due to menstruation, and overdose of synthetic drugs.

The harmful effects of radiation also reduce the production of red blood cells and lead to anemia. Anemia stops producing a type of fluid, which is essential for healthy blood cells.

Another reason is to eat less steel. The body does not get as much iron as it needs, so the body becomes anemic. Iron components play an important role in the production of blood cells.

This is why doctors recommend that pregnant women drink steel syrup or eat foods high in iron. Anemia patients should take special care of their health. Take a deep breath in the fresh air in the morning, so that the lungs can get some genes.

Eat foods that contain iron. These foods include all kinds of meat, liver, spinach, kidneys, and apples. Egg yolks and fruits also contain iron. If for some reason there is excessive bleeding from the body, the patient is given a blood transfusion and given medicines containing steel. 

How to prevent anemia - Health-Teachers

Eat more B vitamins (Vitamin A and C), as both of these vitamins are essential for healthy blood. Mix two teaspoons of steel syrup in the morning and two teaspoons in the evening and drink it. All minerals are very important for the body, but most of them contain steel. Blood is the basis of life.

The most important part of blood is steel. It is found in the form of red particles in the blood. The body needs fifteen to twenty-three milligrams of steel daily. If the body continues to receive the required amount of steel, it produces red particles, ie hemoglobin.

In the case of iron deficiency, physicians examine the causes and determine the amount of iron-rich foods for the patient. The amount of iron found in some foods is listed.

755 mg in the liver of large meat, 1300 mg in the kidney, 2 3 mg in the meat, 3 1/1 mg in the chicken, 2 1/2 mg in the egg, and half a cup of dried beans.

I have 4 1/1 mg, 4 1/1 mg in half a cup of peas, and 9 1 mg in the third cup of raisins. Anemia can be eliminated by eating the following foods. 

If iron is not absorbed into the body by eating foods rich in iron, physicians deliver iron to the patient's body through intramuscular or oral therapy.  

Vitamin C binds to iron quickly. Women need to use eight days of iron every month because 57% of pregnant women and 44% of normal women are deficient in iron. Iron deficiency affects the health of the newborn and affects brain development.  Severe cases of anemia lead to loss of normal life and an estimated nine million children under the age of 5 suffer from anemia.

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