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How to Prevent from Second heart attack - Health-Teachers

How to Prevent from Second heart attack - Health-Teachers

If you have had a heart attack due to an unhealthy lifestyle and "Allah" Almighty has given you life, then change your life habits as soon as possible knowing this booty. An unhealthy lifestyle, oily foods, thoughts, mental stress, and genetic factors are the factors that can make any healthy person suffer from heart disease.

These diseases not only cause suffering for the patient, but the rest of the family members also suffer from mental agony. Here are some guidelines, by following which you will not only be safe from the effects of the first visit but also reduce the chances of a second visit.


After the first heart attack, the cardiologist usually prescribes four or five types of medicines for the patient, who have to eat regularly.
In addition, the patient should always keep a sublingual tablet with him in case of an emergency. The patient should also keep getting his checkup done as usual.

If you smoke cigarettes, give it up immediately, because the nicotine in it increases blood pressure and causes fat in the blood to clot in the arteries. This increases the chances of a heart attack, so people who want to avoid their first heart attack should quit smoking immediately and stay away from people who smoke.

Diet and proper exercise

How to Prevent from Second heart attack - Health-Teachers

As soon as you feel better after the first visit, with the doctor's permission, add exercise to your routine. It is better to tread lightly in the beginning. Then, after a few weeks, you can start other activities, such as cycling, on the doctor's advice.

Be very careful about food. Avoid salty and oily foods. Avoid eating beef and buffalo meat. Eat less mutton and goat meat, but fish and chicken can be eaten in proper quantity. Use standard edible oil instead of ghee. It is better to cook food in corn or olive oil. Eat more green vegetables and fruits.

High blood pressure and cholesterol

If your blood pressure is not normal, contact your doctor immediately. High blood pressure weakens the arteries, which puts a strain on the heart, which is why high blood pressure is considered a warning sign.

Get your cholesterol checked regularly, as high levels of fat in the blood can gradually cause clots to form in the arteries, increasing the risk of a heart attack.

Diabetes and Obesity

How to Prevent from Second heart attack - Health-Teachers

If you are also suffering from diabetes, keep it under control, because when the blood sugar level increases, so does the fat. Keep your weight under control, as obesity causes many other diseases as well. Due to obesity, the risk of heart attack is high.

Warning signs

There are some symptoms, which you should understand as soon as they appear, that these are the symptoms of another stroke, for example, if you have chest pain or if you used to walk a distance of two kilometers comfortably, but now If you feel short of breath after walking a kilometer, contact your doctor immediately.

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