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How to protect ourselves from the cold - Health-Teachers

As the severity of the cold increases, respiratory, chest, and skin diseases increase, while older people usually suffer from pain in the bones and jo
How to protect ourselves from the cold - Health-Teachers

As the severity of the cold increases, respiratory, chest, and skin diseases increase, while older people usually suffer from pain in the bones and joints, which is a dangerous thing, but by taking precautionary measures, cold diseases and cold germs can be completely defeated.

It is better than a cure. Health experts also say that increasing the severity of a cold and not taking precautions can seriously affect health and cause diseases like cold, flu, cough, fever, sore throat, chest infection, and cold winds if persistent. Cold sores can cause severe headaches. This increases the risk of colds, flu, and influenza, which can later turn into a facial bone infection.

Winter is usually the most dangerous chest disease. It occurs when people abstain from winter. Such people over the age of 50 and the cold wave on the head and bones can paralyze the wave. Winter begins in November and lasts until February.

These months are usually very cold, if the cold is not taken care of, the cold can be harmful. The weather is good for the human body in terms of general health. The following measures should be taken to prevent cold and winter diseases.


In summer, bathing is done several times a day but due to the cold, people are careful about bathing. Bathing should be done in a place where there is no gust of cold air. The speed of blood is increased.

How to protect ourselves from the cold - Health-Teachers


Start using warm clothes gradually with the onset of winter. As infants and babies are physically fit and delicate, a gust of cold air can make them suffer from severe illness.

Therefore, everyone should use warm clothes according to their health and condition. Take special care to protect your feet from the cold. Wake up in the morning and do light exercise in open clothes after Fajr prayers.


In winter, more nutritious food is required to maintain body temperature. The use of dried fruits like almonds, nuts, chickpeas, peanuts, raisins, etc. provides warmth to the body.

Milk, eggs, porridge, and double bread are useful for breakfast.
Meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits can be used in the evening meal. If possible, eat more fruits and less food in the afternoon while eating at night on a full stomach.

How to protect ourselves from the cold - Health-Teachers


Don't go out unnecessarily in cold morning and evening hours. As it is very cold at night, do not sleep in the open field or in a completely closed room.

Always keep your feet warm as the physical condition of the feet has a great effect on the human body. If you are weak and cannot cope with the severity of the weather, then sit in the sun and massage the soles with oil. So do light exercise in the open according to your health.

In winter, the skin is more affected, especially on days when it is freezing cold because other parts of the body are wrapped in clothes, shoes, and socks, and the skin of the face becomes dry and cracked.
Glycerin is useful for them. Colds, colds, and coughs are special diseases of winter.

The following prescription is useful for them.
Violet flower 5 grams, flower gourd 5 grams, linseed seeds 5 grams, jujube 5 grams, spaghetti 9 grains, original anus neem kofta 5 grams. Boil it in water and mix it with sugar as required and drink it in the morning and evening.

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