How to protect your toothbrush - Best Tips - Health-Teachers

How to protect your toothbrush - Best Tips - Health-Teachers

If you want the plaque to build up on your teeth, brush your teeth two or three times a day. By doing this you will avoid dental diseases and you will not get any infection. Did you know that your toothbrush looks innocent and harmless, but the fact is that it contains a lot of germs?

This brush can make you suffer from any dental disease. So we have to keep cleaning it up. You must keep your brush clean, whether you are at home or traveling. When you brush your teeth, the teeth seem to be clean, but most of the germs are transmitted to the teeth because you do not clean your brush daily.

Thoroughly clean the brush after brushing your teeth. It is also possible that the paste has accumulated in it or some food particle coming out of the teeth. Occasionally there is a need to clean your brush with mouthwash or it is very important to do so when the brush falls on the floor with your hand.

When cleaning a brush, make sure you keep it somewhere. Many people hang it near the washbasin in the bathroom. It is not advisable to do so, as there is a risk of splashing contaminated water on the brush when we wash our hands or face.

The best way is to hang it in a high place in a brush holder, where it will feel airy and dry the next day when you start brushing your teeth with it. Do not lock the brush in a box. Otherwise,, it will not dry out.
It is also not advisable to keep two or four brushes in the same container, as germs from other brushes can enter your brush.
However, it is not uncommon to have a toothbrush in the bathroom. You take a bath after brushing your teeth, but it should be at a distance from the Commedia, washbasin. Because as soon as the lid of the commode is made, germs spread throughout the bathroom.

Even if the brush is kept clean, germs remain in it. So keep changing it from time to time. Prolonged use of the brush can also cause inflammation and swelling in the teeth. If the brush breaks do not use it at all and buy a new brush after putting it in the trash.

How to protect your toothbrush - Best Tips - Health-Teachers

Dentists say don't use the brush for too long, change it every three or four months. There is a need to be more careful with children. Change their brushes every month.

You must also change your brush after the illness because when you brush during the illness, the germs continue to grow in it due to a lack of complete cleaning. Never use another person's brush, because if they have dental disease, you can get it too.
This is how your disease can be passed on to others. Therefore, each member of the household should be separate. Also, buy one or two spare brushes as a precaution, so that if a person suddenly needs them, it can be arranged, or if a guest comes and he has not brought his own brush, this brush can be used.

Carry a toothbrush with you when you plan to travel. If you lock the brush in a suitcase, make sure the brush is dry. It must be dried after brushing.
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