How to stay safe from cancer - Health-Teachers

How to stay safe from cancer - Health-Teachers

Cancer is such a life-threatening disease that it is frightening to hear its name, and it is a fact that after heart disease, most deaths are due to cancer. Early symptoms of cancer include chronic fatigue, sudden weight loss, pain, fever, persistent indigestion, and cough.

According to medical experts, cancer can be defeated by taking timely precautions. There are many types of cancer and not all experts agree on ways to prevent them. However, researchers agree that more than half of all types of cancer can be prevented. Maybe less.

Experts say that measures such as abstinence from smoking and alcohol, attention to diet, and weight loss can prevent the disease. "Of course, luck has a role to play, but safety measures can reduce the risk of cancer," said Dolph Cox, head of the Cancer Research Institute in Heidelberg, Germany.

Smoking increases the risk of lung, esophageal, and bladder cancers. Lung cancer is usually fatal. According to experts, quitting smoking significantly reduces the chances of contracting the disease.

Obesity can also lead to cancer. People generally think that obesity has nothing to do with cancer, but this is not true. But Zudolf Kask says 5 to 6 percent of patients with cancer are overweight and obese.

According to experts, thin people who have a high amount of fat in their stomachs are also more likely to get this disease. An unbalanced diet can also cause this disease. According to experts, 10% of patients get cancer due to an unbalanced diet. 

How to stay safe from cancer - Health-Teachers

Science has confirmed that the consumption of red meat has harmful effects, while the benefits of dietary fiber have also been confirmed. The hypothesis that frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables can help prevent cancer has not been confirmed.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned last year that the use of canned meat was increasing the number of people suffering from cancer. Experts say that it doesn't matter what kind of meat you eat, the real issue is how much you are consuming.

Concomitant use of tobacco and alcohol increases the risk of cancer. Exercise helps prevent colon and breast cancer. Cox says exercise can help prevent other types of cancer. Most experts say staying healthy strengthens the immune system, but it's also wrong to think that running a race will reduce the chances of cancer.

Experts say that sunburns are the main cause of skin cancer. Therefore, it is important to digest the sun. But it is also harmful to stay indoors or in the shade all the time. Sunshine is an important source of vitamin D, which is essential for mental and physical health.

In addition to the above-mentioned precautionary measures, it is also important to have an occasional self-check now, ie a medical examination. According to experts, it is possible to cure cancer if it is diagnosed early, but the rate of early detection of cancer in developing countries is very low due to a lack of public awareness.

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