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Infections can cause many infectious diseases - Health-Teachers

Infections can cause many infectious diseases - Health-Teachers


Infection refers to any harmful micro-organisms such as viruses or bacteria affecting and damaging the human body. Thus, these viruses and bacteria cause a variety of infectious infections, including deadly diseases such as AIDS, cancer, and hepatitis.

In children and adults, wound healing, diarrhea, colds, coughs, and pimples are often caused by infections. Even if children get injured during sports, some parents do not pay attention and the bacteria show their work and damage the wound.

The housewife also often suffers from infections. Many women do not cover their face completely during dusting and get the flu.

In these cases, the infection can be transmitted to other people in the household while preparing food or doing other household chores. Similarly, when cutting vegetables or fruits, etc., a small socket is often inserted with a knife.

Unfortunately, most women do not take care of it, which not only causes germs to spread the infection but also the wound does not heal quickly.

In some homes, children are fond of keeping cats or dogs, which are prone to seasonal diseases, so even children who play with them cannot be protected from their germs. In these circumstances, extreme caution is required for all people, especially children.

However, if children or adults have minor injuries, clean the area immediately with an alcohol pad and phone to protect them from infection, but both should be in the home at all times. However, if the wound jacket is deep, contact a doctor immediately.

Always cut nails carefully

Infections can cause many infectious diseases - Health-Teachers

Most people unknowingly cut their fingernails and toenails excessively and incorrectly. Always cut the borderline of the nails ie instead of cutting the right and left edges, only the lateral ends of the nails should be cut from the upper side, otherwise, the problem of groin nails arises.

To get rid of it, minor surgery has to be done. Similarly, many people try to pull the tiny fibers under their fingernails on the fingers of their hands, this is actually due to too much dryness or too much moisture and if they are touched too, these dead cells will grow on their own. Fall off However, first apply moisturizer on the fingers so that they do not stay dry and others leave them wet for a long time.

Carefully cut them with personal nail clippers, even if they become caterpillars. Be careful not to stretch them, otherwise, they may become sore due to harmful bacteria. Sometimes this condition is also caused by a deficiency of vitamins A, C, and D, so eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Hair should not be plucked from any part of it

Some people have a rash on the inside and outer edges of the nose.
Always keep in mind that the triangle formed near the nose is actually the most sensitive part of the face and if the hair is pulled out near the nose or from inside the nose, the risk of infection increases and the infection in this part increases.

Affects the brain. If it is necessary to remove the nasal hair, use a sterile cutter or scissors for this purpose. Sometimes pulling hair with nails from any part of the face is tantamount to inviting infection. Use the same precaution if there are hairs around or inside the ear.

Why vaccination is necessary to prevent the flu?

Infections can cause many infectious diseases - Health-Teachers

The most common type of infection in our country is in the form of flu. To prevent this, get the flu vaccine regularly every year.

Nowadays, especially swine flu is also a threat, so start with caution with the arrival of winter next year. The rest of the family needs to be very careful whenever someone has the flu at home. In this regard, our tradition of wiping the nose with a cloth is also completely wrong. It is best to clean your nose with new tissue paper or water each time.

For this, like ablution, clean the nose by repeatedly pouring water in it, repeat this process several times a day. In case of flu, drink as much water as possible so that the body does not become dehydrated.

Sometimes a cough is caused by a viral or bacterial infection. When viruses or bacteria in the air affect the body, it causes a lung infection that causes coughing. In this situation, take special care of the elderly in the home, otherwise t,  the infection can be passed on to others.

Do not tamper with nail pimples

Most women and teenagers also get infections from nail fungus. It should be noted that the main causes of acne are changes in hormones, exthe eternal environment, and certain foods.

The more you press the nail pimples, the higher the risk of infection. To get rid of acne, always consult a dermatologist and not make it worse with your nails or various tools. There are also steroid creams, which are used by a large number of women to whiten their complexion and sometimes to get rid of acne.

Avoid such non-standard items completely and especially protect your face from direct sunlight and the heat of the stove as much as possible.

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