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Is this a healthy society? - Health-Teachers

Is this a healthy society? - Health-Teachers

Our government conducts expensive advertisements and large seminars on hygiene, but in practice, the situation is quite the opposite. Dangerous diseases are spreading rapidly across the country. Millions of people die of these diseases every year. 

There are many reasons for this, including dirty water. Now, in a meeting of the standing committee, it has been revealed that during 2015, the number of hepatitis patients in the country has been recorded at 11 million.

Remember that this is only a one-year report which means that almost the same number of people are suffering from this moody disease every year. These are the people who have come on the record. 

There are many more people who do not even know at first that they have contracted this serious disease. In this regard, the Senate Standing Committee has also recommended improving the performance of the Pakistan Medical Research Council

It may be recalled that at present 12 research centers are functioning across the country under the Pakistan Medical Research Council while special research centers have also been set up in Karachi and Lahore.

It was also informed that PMRC is cooperating with institutions at the national and international level and is continuing its support in research on various diseases. The tragedy is that despite this, 11 million people were affected in 2015, largely due to the reuse of used syringes, substandard blood transfusions, surgery, and dental implants.

According to the report, at present 25 districts in the country can be declared as release risk. From this situation, it is possible to gauge the extent to which matters have become alarming. 

The question is why the last public awareness campaign could not solve this problem or the government has been spending funds in the name of the public awareness campaign limited to paperwork? There is a proliferation of donated doctors and fake surgeons across the country.

Is this a healthy society? - Health-Teachers

Most of the sidewalks and dentists are "surgeons". These scenes are seen by every citizen but government officials do not know why they are not able to see them. Therefore, no action is taken against them. 

The question is whether any action is taken against those responsible for not taking action against such people. Similarly, it has become necessary to make necessary amendments to the laws and tighten the penalties.

At the same time, it is felt that there is no strong coordination between the medical research, pharmaceuticals, and law enforcement agencies responsible for the awareness campaign. That is why full-fledged measures are not visible.

Each department fills its stomach with files by doing its own work but its fruits do not reach the people. The United States also needs to pay attention to this because it benefits those who are playing with the lives of ordinary Pakistanis.

The question is whether death is being distributed among citizens all over the country. In just one year, more than a million people become infected with hepatitis alone. Other diseases are more common. Despite this, neither the government nor other officials, including the health department, are concerned. 

The tragedy is that 25 districts have been declared high risk but the government seems to be announcing a "healthy society". At least at the national level, there has been no awareness campaign that suggests that a seriously deadly disease has engulfed our society.

It may be recalled that 25 districts have been declared high risk due to only one disease. Dengue, swine flu, and other diseases are also covered. The question is why the Pakistani people are not able to get out of the clutches of serious diseases.

Polio has been eradicated worldwide but Pakistan is still one of its victims. The question is whether the government will reconsider these issues and come up with a new and concrete plan or whether the "ding-dong policy" will continue.

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