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Joint pain and swelling - Health-Teachers

Joint pain and swelling

Joint pain and swelling - Health-Teachers

If there is a malfunction in the immune system of our body, then different types of diseases start appearing. The most painful disease among them is arthritis. Arthritis can affect people aged one to six. Symptoms include joint pain, swelling, broken bones, and stiffness.

In this disease, the inner membranes of the joints are affected. If it is not treated in time, the affected person may become disabled. Heart disease and arthritis are two major causes of disability in our country. Arthritis has become the leading cause of disability in the United States as well. Both men and women suffer from arthritis.

This disease affects not only the bones and joints but also the kidneys, arteries, skin, eyes, lungs, heart, and brain. There are more than a hundred types of this disease. Any disease that affects the joints, arthritis is more common. Women are more prone to gout. The most dangerous type of this disease is Osteoarthritis, which is also called Generative Arthritis. In this disease, the bones have begun to penetrate with age.

Rheumatoid arthritis is increasing worldwide. One in three people seems to suffer from some form of arthritis. In our country too, people are more affected by this disease. Ankylosing spondylitis is a type of arthritis that affects the back. It is not easily diagnosed. It affects young people aged 17 to 30 years.

Young people start having pain in the lower back. It is sometimes not diagnosed until five to ten years later, as affected young people go to general practitioners, who fail to make the diagnosis because they do not know anything about the disease. Another type of this disease is known as "Vasculitis". In this, along with the joints, the arteries also get swollen.

Due to the swelling of the arteries, the affected part of the body cannot function, so the risk of stroke starts to rise. In addition, the heart and kidneys may also fail. There are many types of rheumatoid arthritis, such as arthritis, lupus arthritis, and osteoarthritis. If a person starts suffering from joint pain, he should immediately consult a good doctor.

So that the doctor can refer you to a specialist by doing a blood test and ultrasound because only a specialist can diagnose if the affected person is suffering from joint pain. Whether children or adults are affected by this disease, it is very important to get strict treatment, as patients who refuse treatment face complications later. In our country, the number of patients suffering from arthritis is more than 2 million.

The doctor prescribes traditional medicine to cure this disease. If the disease becomes severe, other types of drugs are given, but these are very expensive and beyond the reach of poor patients. Some of the tests recommended by doctors for diagnosing the disease are also very expensive. People suffering from joint pain and swelling should visit a specialist every now and then for a complete check-up and take prescribed medicines strictly.

If you smoke, give it up immediately and change your lifestyle. This disease can affect anyone. It is generally believed that this disease affects only the elderly, but this is not the case. This disease also affects children in different forms. Treatment for all types of disorders is available in Pakistan, but unfortunately, people waste both time and money going to general practitioners, as they lack knowledge about the disease.

Apart from this, some medicines are not available and those available are very expensive. Oily fish oil is very useful in relieving arthritis. This oil goes into the body and gets converted into a substance, which eliminates pain and swelling. Ginger also reduces joint and muscle pain. People suffering from arthritis should eat more fruits and vegetables because they contain selenium and vitamins A and C, which prevent arthritis.

Strawberries should also be eaten for this disorder. It protects the joints from the harmful effects of free radicals and creates fluidity in the joints. Physiotherapy, weight loss, exercise, changes in diet, supporting the bones with bandages, compression, taking anti-inflammatory drugs, drinking eight glasses of water daily, and eating more fish and red meat can be used to treat arthritis. and avoiding fried foods.

Sweet pumpkin seeds should also be eaten, as they reduce joint pain. Spinach also reduces joint swelling, as it contains anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, a joint specialist can also recommend high-quality multi-joint supplements. These supplements thicken the lubricating substance of the joints and correct worn bones. If the disease becomes severe, joint replacement surgery is required.

Some types of arthritis also affect the eyes and can even affect vision. Apart from this, some organs of the body may also be dysfunctional. A type of it is also hereditary. It can also be passed on to children if it has affected parents in the past. Some types of this disease can be cured quickly, but some take a long time. Unfortunately in Pakistan.

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