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Kill mosquitoes with the smell of sweat OHH! it's amazing - Health-Teachers

Kill mosquitoes with the smell of sweat OHH! it's amazing - Health-Teachers

Dutch and Kenyan scientists have invented a unique device that kills mosquitoes. Human sweat is used in this device. Mosquitoes contaminated with malarial bacteria come to this bopper and are killed.

The device was invented after three years of research in Kenya, and the odor it emits kills 70 percent of malaria mosquitoes. People who use this device are protected from mosquitoes by 30%.

This research, published in the Lancet magazine, was conducted on the island of Rusingar in Jokinia, and experiments were conducted on 25,000 people. Dengue and Zika viruses can also be controlled by human body odor since dengue and Zika are transmitted through a mosquito.

These mosquitoes are also attracted to human kisses. This device also reduces the need for us to rely on insecticides to control mosquitoes. "My greatest wish is to kill malaria germs without medicine," says a Dutch university expert.

On an island in Lake Victoria, this device, which works with the help of solar energy and uses the smell of human sweat, can be installed outside homes, mosquito nets and anti-malarial drugs are also being used to eradicate the disease.

Kill mosquitoes with the smell of sweat OHH! it's amazing - Health-Teachers

This device requires electricity to operate. Since there is no electricity on this island, solar energy can be used to light bulbs and even charge mobile phones. An expert from the Dutch University said: A child dies of malaria in Hermant. The African government is spending huge sums of money annually to eradicate this disease.

Malaria is transmitted to humans by blood-sucking insects due to the bites of female mosquitoes. According to the figures of the World Health Organization, last year 438,000 people died due to malaria because there were no medicines for this disease in the hospitals.

Most of the deaths were of children under the age of five, who lived in Sohar (Africa). University experts say that they will eliminate 90% of malaria deaths by 2030.

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