Killing malaria parasites or germs - Health-Techers

 To kills malaria  parasites or germs

Killing malaria parasites or germs - Health-Techers

All the objections are that the best medicine in this series is Nin, which is not only useful for malarial fever but also prevents it. Gone, for example

1. Some people do not realize that they have malaria germs inside them and even if they know, they avoid using the medicine and become the cause of spreading malaria.

2. About ninety percent of children are affected by this disease and are often neglected.

3. The use of conine should be started from the beginning of the season because conine does not affect the sexual parasites of malaria, but if given after some time, it helps in the reproduction of the sexual parasites.

4. Other drugs are used to eliminate the sexual form of parasites so consult a specialist.

5. Fix two days in a week, for example, Saturday and Sunday, so on Saturday morning and on Sunday morning, eat five green cones and continue using them as long as the rainy season lasts.


Killing malaria parasites or germs - Health-Techers

It is a very dangerous disease, it kills the patient very quickly. Is. The germs of this disease enter the body through food and drink, especially through water and milk. This disease becomes an epidemic due to dirt and dirty habits. Remember some of the characteristics of the germs that cause this disease. Their knowledge must be of great help in finding out the causes of its rescue.

1. These germs spread and grow rapidly in dirty and dirty water.

2. It dies very quickly outside the human body except in water.

3. some patients excrete these bacteria through their stool for a long period after recovery.

4. Germs are quickly killed in this fluid which has an acidic reaction.
The methods that can be taken to avoid this dangerous disease can be these.

Clean water

Killing malaria parasites or germs - Health-Techers
There are many ways to clean water and keep it free from all kinds of impurities. Use water that has been purified by chlorine or other methods. If such water is not available, then first the spring water will prove to be harmless and then water from a well dug deep enough i.e. a second or third well. If such water is not available then water from the well which is dug up to the first level but the well should be closed or covered. If you are in a place where reliable water is not available, then it is enough to boil the water if it is clear and transparent. Put it in a vessel and let it stand for a while and then strain the water and then take a clean cloth like Latha Gaff Khadar, saddle or canvas, etc., and drip the water from it. i.e. strain it and then boil it and now use it. If alum or lime, which is used to whiten the walls or is eaten on betel leaf, is available, but one of them in water and stir it for a while. Let it stand, the extraneous substances will settle down. Now strain the water, boil it and use it.

Follow these guidelines to keep food sterile:

1:Do it yourself and also instruct your employees not to touch food and drink utensils without washing their hands with a potassium permanent solution (hand lotion).

2. Do not clean the dishes with anything other than soap or clean ash.

3. Keep every food and drink item well covered so that no-fly or any animal can sit on it. Another characteristic of the cholera germ is also worth noting, and that is that, although it is found very quickly in dirty water, it is killed very quickly in water or fluids which have an acidic reaction. It is because acid salt is found inside it, so even if the cholera germs go inside it, they are killed very quickly. The reaction does not remain acidic, it becomes alkaline and this environment helps them to grow even when recovering from a stomach disease, these bacteria will not be killed because they cannot stay in the stomach for a long time and are very The skin gets into the intestines and the secretions of the stomach do not act on them, so they do not die, keeping in mind this characteristic of germs, remember these three rules to be safe from this disease and must follow them during the epidemic. am:

1. Do not eat chicken fat and any food that causes indigestion.

2. If diarrhea occurs, do not treat it as a common disease and treat it with home remedies but seek the advice of a physician immediately.

3. Do not take any laxatives during these days, do not use magnesia fruit salt, etc. If there is a cholera patient in a house, take these precautions:

4. Keep the patient in a separate room or place and do not share his utensils with other people.

5. Boil all the clothes and utensils of the patient and clean them thoroughly.

6. The patient's excrement

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