Lung cancer vaccine - Health-Teachers

Lung cancer vaccine - Health-Teachers

Cuba, a country of high standards and innovations in terms of health worldwide, has succeeded in developing a vaccine for the treatment of lung cancer. Which will now be regularly tested in the United States, and has been approved by the FDA.

During the changing relationship between Cuba and the US after years of conflict, the trial of this vaccine is certainly no less than good news for patients suffering from lung cancer.

Today, American experts want to benefit from this development of Cuba, due to which the cancer vaccine has been brought to America for testing. In this regard, Roswell Pak Cancer Institute, Buffalo, New York has received the approval of the American organization FAD

It should be noted that FAD is the decision-making authority in the trial preparation and use of drugs. According to experts, this immunotherapy vaccine will not only prevent the growth of cancer but also increase the life span.

This vaccine will kill the proteins necessary for cancer cells in the body's immune system. Unlike chemotherapy, it will not kill cancer cells directly. Delivering this specific protein vaccine would be the primary purpose of the vaccine. Without which cancer cells can neither grow nor grow. 

The vaccine will then be combined with another protein that will counter the immune system's response to the cancer-promoting protein, resulting in the elimination of the cancer-promoting protein and stopping cancer from growing.

This vaccine has already been tested in different countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, and Cuba, and all these countries have declared its use necessary for lung cancer. 

As a trial, so far four thousand patients suffering from lung cancer have been given the use of this vaccine. The test results are particularly encouraging. The vaccine trial for the vaccine will start next month in which 60 to 90 patients will be enrolled.

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