Make it a habit to wake up in the morning to lose weight - Health-Teachers

Make it a habit to wake up in the morning to lose weight - Health-Teachers

Healthily starting in the morning leads to weight loss success. Sunshine is useful for weight loss. The first few hours after waking up from sleep affect your health.

If you are not succeeding in losing weight, it means that you are not healthily starting your morning. To lose a few kilos of weight, it is important not to sleep more than ten hours.

Lack of sleep throws the metabolism out of balance and you start eating high calories. We all know that this results in obesity, but according to a recent study published in the journal Plos, people who sleep more than 10 hours have an increased BMI. We only need seven or eight hours of sleep. Otherwise, we will slow down.

It is very important that when we lie down to sleep at night, our bed is clean. According to a survey by the National Sleep Foundation of America, women who make their own beds sleep 19% more soundly than those who do not make their own beds, and good sleep reduces BMI.

Research from the University of Missouri-Columbia has shown that a protein-based breakfast will keep you full for a long time and you won't feel hungry throughout the day. The effect of a protein-based breakfast is to control the part of the brain that is related to hunger.
Many of us are lazy to get up early in the morning, but the morning sun has the potential to reduce weight.

According to the Plos journal, people who walk in the morning sun have a lower BMI than those who don't walk. According to the study, walking for 20 to 30 minutes daily in the morning sun keeps the BMI i.e. Body Mass Index under control. If you check your weight on the scale early in the morning, you will be active throughout the day and your weight will also be reduced.
According to a Cornell University survey of 162 women, it was found that those who weighed themselves daily had a better weight loss ratio than those who did not weigh themselves.
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