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Man's internal temperature - Health-Teachers

Man's internal temperature - Health-Teachers

All the living things in the world are alive because of a certain temperature. If this temperature becomes too high or too low, they will die. If a person's temperature rises or falls below the required temperature, then the result is death. 

Similarly, the internal temperature of the human body is also beneficial to a certain point. If it exceeds this point, there is a risk of organ damage in the body. Nature has created a mechanism in the human body that if the internal temperature of the body rises, it decreases in the form of sweat.

As the body sweats, the increased temperature returns to normal. Let us tell you which organs may be affected in this situation if the internal temperature of the human body exceeds 35 degrees Celsius or how much their performance may be the effect


Man's internal temperature - Health-Teachers

Thus, all the organs of the human body are important, but the brain is superior to all of them. This is because it is the control room of the human body and after getting permission from it, the same other organs move. He may also become irritable while feeling tired.


Man's internal temperature - Health-Teachers

Rising internal body temperature also affects the functioning of the heart, resulting in a person's blood pressure dropping and he begins to feel lethargic. Falling blood pressure causes the heart rate to increase, for which it is necessary to bring the blood pressure back to its level immediately, otherwise, it can have dangerous consequences.


Man's internal temperature - Health-Teachers

Due to the balanced temperature of the human body, the salts in the body help the muscles to function properly.

But as the temperature rises, the balance of these salts deteriorates, which leads to muscle stiffness, which affects more muscles of the legs and arms.


Man's internal temperature - Health-Teachers

As soon as the human temperature rises above 35 degrees Celsius, the heat starts to come out in the form of sweat. Is.

In addition, exposure to very hot sun can also lead to skin damage, so going out in the hot sun should be avoided.


Man's internal temperature - Health-Teachers

The rising temperature of the human body causes dehydration in the body. The kidneys control the number of toxins in our body, such as urea and ammonium. Excessive sweating reduces the body's internal water, which in turn reduces the amount of urea and ammonium.


Man's internal temperature - Health-Teachers

The pancreas controls the amount of insulin in the human body. Excessive or excessive secretion of insulin can lead to a variety of complications. This is how the human body is first affected by energy.

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