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New Blood Test to Identify Bipolar Disorder - Health-Teachers

New Blood Test to Identify Bipolar Disorder - Health-Teachers

An international team of scientists has jointly discovered six biomarkers in human blood that can identify patients with bipolar disorder. Millions of people will benefit from this effort.

Scientists at Montpelier University Hospital, France, the Psychiatric Hospital Les Toisses in Switzerland, and the University of Pittsburgh, in collaboration with a company called Elsie Diag, have found that a blood test can identify the bipolar disorder. All of its evidence has been published in the journal Nature.

Of the 300 million confirmed depression patients worldwide, 40% may suffer from bipolar disorder. In this state, the mood of sadness and happiness keeps changing. There are bouts of despair and self-confidence is lost.

This is why the patient's behavior is unpredictable. But until now, it was taking a long time to identify it, due to which the patient's condition worsens, and sometimes the disease is not identified even after seven years, and the patients themselves become a cause of trouble for their families.

This diagnosis can successfully distinguish between bipolar and unipolar. However, this blood test uses RNA and artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve an accuracy of up to 80%. Then the more of the six biomarkers present, the more likely bipolar is suspected.

The entire project has been named Edith, in which private companies and universities from many countries have played their part.

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