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Nose and throat patients are involved in dental surgery - Health-Teachers

Nose and throat patients are involved in dental surgery - Health-Teachers

"Allah" has created the human body with such wisdom that there is no precedent for it. Each part of the body has been assigned its own duty and the limit of each part has been set. The superiority of the mouth is due to the presence of teeth. If the teeth are not strong, correct, correct, and crooked, then the beauty of the face is enhanced. Chewing food provides pleasure.

"Allah" made two jaws to grind food. The upper jaw is called Magzilla and the lower jaw is called Mandible. Both jaws have 32 teeth and jaws. The front teeth are called the central incisors and the accompanying ones are called the posterior incisors.

It has large mature teeth, then there are two small teeth and finally, there are 3 big teeth. Similarly, the lower jaw has a tooth structure. There are 16 teeth in each jaw bone. The shape of each jaw is similar to the English word (U). As if the jawbone is open. It has 16 teeth and jaws by nature and heredity. Teeth and beards grow all over the jaw.

If the jaw bone is elliptical and is similar to the English word (V) V, then the front teeth are visible outside the lips. I get stuck The intellect becomes crooked or painful when it comes out due to lack of space and this area is not cleaned with a brush.

Nose and throat patients are involved in dental surgery - Health-Teachers

Therefore, germs grow here and affect the glands of the throat. Similarly, patients who have a sore throat get stuck when the wisdom teeth come out.

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Their throat is often bad and they complain of tonsils. Sometimes there is a slight fever. Similarly, if there is inflammation in the tonsils of the throat, then there is a pain in the jaws in addition to inflammation.

It is advisable to get rid of them by eliminating their inflammation. By the way, the process of extracting wisdom teeth is not straightforward. Sometimes a part of the bone has to be cut. Sometimes such a patient is operated on under anesthesia. Sometimes a local vaccine is given and the wisdom surgeon removes it.

The diagnosis is not straightforward. The mouth is examined first. Bacterial material is taken from the infected area. So that the laboratory can be tested to find out what kind of bacterial infection is and which medicine to give antibiotics.

The patient must have a medical history. If your throat is often sore, be sure to get an examination by a specialist, or ear, and throat surgeon. Similarly, if a child, woman or adult cannot or does not breathe through the nose, their mouth is often open.

Due to nasal congestion, the patient breathes through the mouth. Due to this the process of filtering the nose is not done. The lower gums of such people often become inflamed and red. God has put the nose to breathe.

Nose and throat patients are involved in dental surgery - Health-Teachers

When a person breathes through the nose. It has three chambers. The respiratory air clears and travels to the lungs, where it enters the bloodstream and provides clean oxygen to the heart, the whole body, and especially the brain.

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Therefore, nose and throat patients are also involved in dental surgery. If you have a nostril or both of your nostrils closed, get treated by an E.N.T surgeon and consult a dental surgeon. Children who have inflammation of the airways should also be checked up by an E.N.T specialist. Therefore, toothache, and edema can lead to sore throat and nasal congestion can lead to gum disease.

"Allah" Almighty has placed pits in the chewing surfaces of every tooth and molar so that the process of chewing is easy. Teeth and beards are grinders. Chewing a bite has a pressure of 170L / Squirh inch at 170 pounds. Which causes the process of chewing. As if the teeth are very strong. They should be protected so that it is not time for any tooth to erupt.

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