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Obesity and exercise 'not special' - Health-Teachers

Obesity and exercise 'not special' - Health-Teachers

Three leading international experts say that the role of physical exercise in reducing obesity is small, so the focus of public health messages should be on reducing unhealthy diets. The British Journal of Sports and Health In a new study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine, experts say that "now is the time to unravel the myths found about exercise."

Experts say that although exercise is important in preventing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and memory loss, the effects of exercise on obesity are negligible. In contrast, obesity is more related to sugary and starchy foods.

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Dr. Asim Malhotra, a member of the team of international experts and London-based cardiologists, alleges that the food and beverage industry encourages people to eliminate the harmful effects of unhealthy foods through exercise.

According to experts, there are "dangerous" similarities between the tactics of the food industry and the tactics of the tobacco and cigarette industries. He said that the promotion of sweet drinks and other unhealthy foods by famous athletes should be stopped.

Experts further said that research has shown that even 40% of people of normal weight have these symptoms or diseases. It is commonly said that it affects only those who are obese. But despite this, the 'wrong' message is being given in public health messages that if you are taking care of the calories in your body, your weight will be fine, although the important thing is that we are not aware of this food.

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Explain where these calories are coming from. For example, research shows that if you compare the calories of fat and sugar, for every 150 extra calories of sugar, you are 11 times more likely to develop diabetes than fat.

Citing another study (link) in their article, the experts wrote that the link between unhealthy foods and poor health is much deeper than the link between bad health and physical exercise, alcohol, or smoking. ۔

Obesity and exercise 'not special' - Health-Teachers

Unscientific Things

Dr. Malhotra says that obese people do not need to exercise at all to lose weight, but they should eat less. What worries me the most is that the message being given to people is that if you exercise you can eat whatever you want.

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This is completely unscientific and wrong. You can't get rid of a bad diet through exercise. But many experts disagree with Dr. Malhotra and his team, saying it could be dangerous to downplay the role of exercise.

Mark Baker, a professor at the National Institutes of Health, says it is "stupid" to deny the importance of physical exercise. Someone is conspiring against it, although it is not.

We believe that both a balanced diet and exercise are essential for a healthy life. It is based on scientific research and I believe it can raise consumer skepticism about exercise.

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