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Obesity in children can lead to heart disease - Health-Teachers

Obesity in children can lead to heart disease - Health-Teachers

Excessive consumption of sugar, playing video games, and staring at mobile phones and computers is not only making children lazy and lazy but also giving rise to dangerous diseases like obesity in them and a new study warns that an obese child is 8 years old.

Heart disease can also be caused by uncles. Presenting the research at the American Cardiology Conference in Florida, the doctors said that when the research was done on 20 obese and 20 underweight children, it was found that obese children are 40% at risk of heart disease because of obesity. 

Due to this, their heart muscles become thick, which affects the ability of the heart to pump blood. Doctors say that obesity increases the volume of the left ventricular muscle of the heart by 27%, while the heart muscle becomes obese by 12%, both of which are symptoms of heart disease.

The study further warns that many of obese children may develop asthma, high blood pressure, and depression. During the study, heart disease was not found in the children studied, but when they underwent an MRI scan, their hearts were clearly affected.

Researchers have warned that heart disease in young people becomes more dangerous with age and can lead to premature death. Researcher Lenin Jung says the disease can be eradicated at such a young age.

However, for this, parents have to play an important role and guide them toward healthy foods so that obesity can be prevented. He said that some of the children were so fat that the MRI machine became too small and they could not be tested, so it can be said that the risk is bigger than they thought.

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