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Obsessive Compulsion is a treatable mental illness - Health-Teachers

Obsessive Compulsion cis a treatable mental illness - Health-Teachers

This is really a mental and psychological problem called Obsessive Compulsion Disorder. Obsessive-Compulsion Disorder is a mental illness. But they do not realize this unusual behavior.

In common parlance, it is called manic compulsion. This is why frequent hand washing, changing clothes more than once a day, bathing for a long time, and looking at the dust around you are the signs of this obsessive-Compulsion disorder.

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You should not scold your daughter for her behavior and do not say anything in front of her that would cause further mental confusion.

It is best to observe your daughter's daily activities and see if there is anything that is causing her mental stress. Also, talk to your daughter about why she does this.

She may be annoyed by your questions. But you should keep trying to find out the truth. You should also have complete information about Ocd. You can get help from the internet or talk to a psychiatrist about this disease.

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I suggest that you also talk to your daughter's teacher as she spends most of the day in school, the teacher can also help you in this regard. Also, make sure that other students in the school do not make fun of this.

Take your daughter to a psychiatrist with steps so that she can treat this psychological problem through counseling. You don't have to worry about it being an incurable disease.

It is also possible

Obsessive Compulsion cis a treatable mental illness - Health-Teachers

You have had an accident where you are not talking to anyone or you have a fear in your mind. You have changed school, home, or job.

In your family, grandparents, great-grandparents, grandparents, any OCD Kashkar.

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Suddenly there is a big change in the surrounding environment, such as a loved one leaving this world, etc.

Different types of OCD

Some people check the door repeatedly because they have the illusion that they do not know if it is locked or not. The print is gone.

The kidneys around them become restless when they see the dust and start cleaning from time to time.

Most children carry their bags on their shoulders even during school breaks. Some people are overly careful when it comes to eating and drinking.

Often different people discuss certain diseases and then they have this illusion that maybe they are sick.

Some people immediately act on the idea that comes to their mind but they do not realize this unusual behavior of their own. Do not treat OCD in unconventional ways.

It has often been observed that people prefer to seek treatment from psychiatrists instead of consulting specialists for mental problems, which makes it difficult to overcome such psychological problems in time and further complicates the problems.

In fact, many social evils arise from the deeds of the practitioners of Baba Jodham, Durood, sorcery, etc., and these practitioners place all the responsibility for such mental problems which they place on ghosts and demons and say that there is an apple that is doing this to the person. Personal codes are used instead of problems.

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The general attitude we have is that people are criticized or ridiculed on any issue while the issues are not coded, which makes the issues more complicated, such as trying to humiliate an individual by making fun of him due to some unusual habit.

For example, do you have a bad mind? Do you have any other work? Are you crazy that you have a ghost on your head all the time? Grandmother Yachchi used to do the same.

No one thinks that the person may be doing this because of some trouble or distress. The sad thing is that people do not even try to find out the reason. Physical health is affected along with the mind

When there is some kind of confusion or mental stress, most people stop eating and drinking which causes them to lose weight, their energy decreases and such people are always full of superstitions and thoughts which lead to mental and physical problems.

What is the solution?

Educational institutions and offices should be made aware of such mental issues. It is also important to conduct workshops in this regard so that people can have an idea of ​​how a person around them should be treated if they have such mental conditions. ?

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