Obstructed breathing during sleep in obese children - Health-Teachers

Obstructed breathing during sleep in obese children - Health-Teachers

Obesity is the enemy of health. Due to this, not one or two, but many health problems arise, even obese children are suffering from these problems. According to research, due to excess weight, children are deprived of adequate sleep.

According to a study conducted at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, one-third of obese children experience interrupted breathing at some point during the night during sleep, while only 5% of children of normal weight have such problems. have to face

Dr. Y. According to Ding, one of the causes of this pain is enlarged glands of the throat (tonsils). Based on their extensive studies, they say that excess weight causes respiratory problems.

Due to this, the airways during sleep become narrow

Obstructed breathing during sleep in obese children - Health-Teachers

According to Dr. Wing, the problems that occur during sleep are called sleep apnea, which is treated with surgery, in which the growth of fleshy fibers in the back of the throat is cut and separated. Or try to bring the child's weight back to normal.

Another treatment is that a special device is placed in the children's mouth while sleeping, due to which they sleep comfortably. During sleep, the breathing of people suffering from obstructive breathing stops for a while and it also starts again.  The reason for this is the weakness of the ability to concentrate and the lack of self-focus.

Sleep apnea is a common complaint in the elderly or adults. Research has also proved that some obese children do not suffer from this complaint like normal children and they sleep well.

In Dr. Wing's research, 90 children were observed during sleep. In this, in the form of their weight gain, it was also seen what other problems such children face during sleep. Half of these 90 children were farmers. The study found that 20 percent of obese children had sleep apnea compared to normal-weight children. It was also observed that children who had abnormally enlarged tonsils suffered from sleep apnea 13% more than normal children.

From the study of these facts, it can be concluded that vomiting should not be neglected and this important cause must be kept in mind in children suffering from this complaint. According to Dr. Wing and his colleagues, according to what they have discovered, oily foods are the most important cause of this complaint in these children.

Due to the fats included in these foods, the blood vessels do not work properly and if they are not treated in time, they become inflamed and cause narrowing of the arteries in these children. Researchers have come to the conclusion that half an hour of exercise at a time can reduce 20 to 25 percent of body fat.

It is to be seen whether the exercise done before the onset of cramping has an effect on the veins. Meanwhile, according to the children's hospital of the University of San Sani, America, obese children go on to become patients of heart attack and chest pain due to irregular heart rhythms. 

In this regard, a study of 343 children aged 5 to 23 years revealed that changes in the heart of obese children had occurred even at these pages. The size of his heart had increased. As if there was a risk of suffering from heart disease. The higher the heart rate, the higher the risk of a heart attack. This is a major consequence of reduced blood flow to the heart. This was told by cardiologist Dr. Tom Campbell.

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