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Pod vegetable Full of healthy ingredients - Health-Teachers

Pod vegetable Full of healthy ingredients - Health-Teachers
Beans are found and eaten all over the world and come in many varieties, such as beans, kidney beans, and mung beans. Peas, lentils, and peanuts can also be included in the legume family.

Beans are nutritious and contain starch (carbohydrates). In addition, they contain fiber, iron, potassium, vitamins B, and folate, which is useful for pregnant women, because eating them increases cell growth.

Beans rank as meat for the poor. It can be called Sabzi Kalhamiya (Protein). Experts say that beans, which are rich in iron, should also eat foods that contain vitamin C to digest them. This organism produces such a property in the body that iron is absorbed in the body. Such foods include green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, and green chilies.

When we boil the beans in water, healthy nutritional effects also come into the water. They contain flavonoids, so the boiled water of the beans can also be drunk as a soup. They act like antioxidants, which reduce cancer and heart diseases. Beans are difficult to digest when eaten dry, so it is better to cook them.

Some people believe that eating beans causes flatulence, so soak the beans in cold water for four to eight hours. Then throw away this water, because enzymes that produce odors have been added to this water. If you want beans to be easily digested, boil them in cold plain water (unsalted). Then wash and cook them.

Experts say that when you call for beans, add salt to the pot when they are half-digested. Do not add salt, lemon juice, vinegar, etc. as soon as you put the beans in the pot, because adding these things at the beginning makes the beans tough and difficult to digest.
Remember that it is very important to wash the canned beans available in the markets with cold water before eating because they are preserved with a large amount of salt (sodium), which has many disadvantages. Rinsing canned beans thoroughly with cold water removes the added salt.

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