Protect not only the face but also the feet - Health-Teachers

Protect not only the face but also the feet - Health-Teachers

In essence, every human being, animal, talkative and absolute has this innate psychological and natural habit and desire that can prove its existence as a member of society without being expressed as a part of all its bodily systems and functions.

These include the human face, from the hair of the head to the two corners, the eyes, the nose, the mouth, and the lips. The character is the same as that of the head of any system.

Such as Head of State, Head of Government, Head of Department, etc. Our esteemed women in particular are feeling the pinch in this matter. If the business of make-up, cosmetics, and beauty parlors is booming today, then it is only "existence" because existence is the beauty of the universe, but no one knows the secret.

But to this day, from Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, and the sage Luqman, no doctor, Veda, Pandit Jutshi, mystic, practitioner, mentor or disciple has ever discovered the secret that the central 'basic' in the human body.

Protect not only the face but also the feet - Health-Teachers

Medically and physically, the chemistry of the biological system of the human body has the same status as the foot "fat". It does not belong to any other organ, including the heart and the brain.

After following this immortal formula, women in general and men, in general, will no longer need beauty parlor make-up or cosmetics, nor will men be afraid of old age. The foot has the same position as the foundation in any building, big or small. If the foundation is strong, then of course you will put a load of manus, tons on it, it will bear.

Despite the passage of thousands of years, the buildings still stand as an example of the youngest "Dil Rosh Chashma Mashad" for its high natural color and beautiful spring. The foot is the part of the human body that appears last. The process of giving birth to a child begins at the beginning and ends at the feet. In the same way, when a person is taken down to the grave, first the feet, then the head, and finally the head.

A sluggish person can at least stand on his own two feet, but it is not only difficult but also impossible to live without feet. This will make it clear to you what is the significance and practical usefulness of the foot?

In the recent past, when in the civilizations and societies of the world, simplicity, high human values, ​​and the principle of upholding nature was established in the customs and traditions, the wise elders of those times, when choosing their daughters-in-law, not only her face but the natural beauty of her feet. And the choice of foot health was decided.

Protect not only the face but also the feet - Health-Teachers

The world's most beautiful sorceress and women's Pharaonic Miss Qalubatra used to protect her beauty by protecting her feet. Therefore, I appeal to my own mothers, sisters, sons and brothers, and friends. At the age of 25 years, to remain young and at least 100 years, Hussain and Jameel to stay smart, symmetrical, and freckly fit while maintaining nature and only protecting their feet, they will not have to face any kind of embarrassment in married life.

Now the question arises that how to protect the feet but how? To know this, go to the eye of the beholder and awaken the Qalandar consciousness and try to see and understand only with your outward esoteric eye that our Mohsin Azam Hadi, the rightful elder and supreme being, Hazrat Muhammad Kareem, given the importance of feet, was the first in the mosque. Feet, then insert the left foot.

When you come out of the mosque, first take your left foot and then your right foot out. In the ablutions, the feet are finally washed with satisfaction. That too first right then left.

When Kinakmari fixes the pyaghar on the Sahagian bin, she first enters the pyaghar with her right foot and then with her left foot. The feet of some daughters-in-law are so blessed that Lakshmi falls in love with her house when she falls.

As an example, I conclude the argument that Hazrat Khadija Al-Kubra's marriage to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was based on good philosophy and detachment. As the saying goes, There is also a grain of mustard. The natural principle of foot protection for every man is to massage the false feet every day as if you were massaging a newborn baby.

Apply to feet every day and every night. From olive oil, honey, cloves oil, and almond oil. Use appropriate medicated shoes to protect against extreme weather conditions. The use of socks and socks is suitable for the feet. He wants an open and free environment. He should walk home barefoot most of the time.
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